Monday, April 25, 2011

i found it in my Ipad??

last time when i did my PB testimonial, I put a picture of me pregnant...i know..not fair laa kan..mase pregnant mmg gemuk..dah kata berbadan dua...i actually tried to find a picture of myself masa tgh "sihat" tu kan...but i could not find one...merely because, I rarely take pictures at that time or if I do and I look fat in it..i'll delete it asap..seriously...that is how conscious i am about my body...

then last 2 weeks, when i was presenting to one of my prospect in JB, I found this in my Ipad..

i think this picture was taken a few month after i delivered... berat tak silap around 65kg kot? gemok giler please! 

and me now......

me at 57kg! the tops are the same but in different colors (yes.when i like something i'll buy the same in multiple colors! :) )

do i diet or control my eating?? ask anyone around me...nope nope nope....masa diet2 tu dah berlalu...i enjoy food too much to control my eating....

its purely Premium Beautiful and Lactolite people!! seriesly....this is why I am so confident in the product...because it definitely works on me....just pki min 8 hours a day...and drink lactolite every morning/night.......i dont diet...i dont exercise..and i eat a lot! 

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N.I.A said...

bestnya dapat tengok perubahan sendiri...look nice now:)