Monday, April 25, 2011

friends forever

mr hubs and i have same circle of friends...and its been awhile since the last time we gathered and lepak2..we usually have an annual BBQ but last year everyone was busy having all our plans were put on hold....

so when Shidi suggested a weekend vacay at PD, we all said yes right away...ramai yg tak dpt join because of personal reasons but ok laa..ade 5 families and one bujang and we had a blast! :)

no mood nak tulis panjang2 so enjoy the pics...

at the pool...

father n son

building sand castles

BBQ time!

babah shidi with rayyan n aqil

shisha time for the men

first time mandi laut

vroommm vrooommm

uyun, shidi, rayyan 

elyn, pen, iman

shidi, uyun, rayyan (again!)

zack and zaiton 

jaja, zam n aleesya

the single guy, Papa Yim

aisyah, ali, aqil :)

us :)

it was nice spending time with them...i miss the old days..but the present is great also...masing2 dah ade anak.. .but still same mcm dulu....

us before kahwin (not all in the picture)

may we stay friends for eternity! :)


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