Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Relay for Life

" Relay is all about 'Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back' and we had input from a survivor (Celebrating survivorship), the story of our luminaria ceremony (Remember) and a lively input from one of our teams (Fight Back!). "

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i first heard about this event last year thru my cousin Syu [its an all night long event till morning - celebrating the cancer survivors! - with tents, foods, good spirit and great company] , and eversince then I was looking forward to go to this year's event..but one can only In Laws were in town that weekend for a kenduri so I had to be the hostess since they were staying over at our it was raining heavily and as what I heard from family members who were there, the place was soggy and very it wasnt really suitable to bring lil Aqil there...[mom had already bought tickets - but nvm at least i got the tshirt!! ;)] hmm...I guess there's always next year right.. ;)

the good side of not going is that I got to take my MIL n SIL shopping at Ikea! any sentence with the word shopping in it is ok for me!'s some pictures of the event that I stole from my cousins, aye n atie ' s blogs...enjoy!

atie n wa - one of the survivors [pinjam kata2 atie ;) ]

the Omarians spirit!

thats my dad infront in the apek's boots and pom pom!

sisters - cu, wa, cippa, mom and tzah

part of the clan

we've got spirit..yes we do...we've got about you?!?!

exciting no!? cant wait for next year's event!!! ;) ;) siapa mahu ikut!?!?!


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