Sunday, June 20, 2010

RED is for STOP

i was driving back home from a Kenduri yesterday, singing my heart out in the car while waiting for the traffic light to turn green.. [bored driving alone]

the lights turn green, i change the gear to "D".. ready to press the pedal when suddenly... whooossshhhh a car from the lane which just turned RED drove infront me..


helloooooo!!!! RED means STOP you idiot!!! marah ni..!! seriously....I get angry when people give excuses..."owh...dah laju tak sempat nak berenti.."

meh nak ajar sikit..

YELLOW means...slow ur car and get ready to stop...NOT..tekan minyak lagi kuat so that boleh dan lepas sebelum lampu merah!!!!

seriously..!! dont be selfish and please think about other're not the only one in a lain pun nak kejar p berak jugak..but please laa drive laa betul2!!

You dont know what will happen...and please dont say..."alaa...tak jadi ape2 pun..." I dont care jadi ape2 ke tak..but precaution kene amek!! bukan dah jadi baru nyesal..

You really want to be the reason of the death of somebody's child? mother? father? brother? sister? friend????

Just think if that ever happens to somebody you love???? tak ke rase nak marah orang yg langgar the red light tuuu????? tak ke akan blame that person??? akan kan kan kan kan....??? but when you do it takpe??fikir laa babe!!!

things that we can prevent...ape salahnya kita try prevent?? please think about others.. there are other people living in this world , not only you!

*emo emo emo..marah betul aku manusia2 begini*


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