Saturday, June 12, 2010

what a morning!!

* the sound of Aqil crying *

opened my eyes...while giving Aqil his "drink".. looked outside the window..

wah!! so bright? what time what time..???

wait patiently for Aqil to finish his meal.. ran to my hp that I was charging outside my bedroom [my ho which was out for 2 days straight!]

took a quick glance at the time..already 9!?!?!?!?!?!!

practically ran to the shower..took the quickest shower ever..thinking..nvm..i've got my perfume to cover up...

put on the pants i wore 2 days ago to bros tshirt..because thinking i didnt have time to find any other top...and the tudung wore by my SIL yesterday..because it was hanging, so no need ironing...

woke up hubs, ran down..took the keys..went straight to the car...and off....

drove at 70km/hour coz my head was still dizzy..luckily the road was clear...

reached ikea.. and found this..

not one single car in the carpark!!!


texted my colleague "have you reached Ikea yet?"

he replied " ?????????? i tot our arrangement at 9.30??"

what the???? whats the time now..??

looked at the time on my hp.. 9.45 PM !!! urghh.. i guess 2 days of flat battery does that to ur time settings....

looked at the watch on my dashboard... 17.55... whatt???

called hubs, no answer..

called cousin.... "its 8.30 am kak ct..."


sat in the car...staring what I am suppose to do for another hour!?!?!

having the greatest headache ever...

mentally slapping and cursing myself for being so nice volunteering to buy stuff for the office...

then remembered there was McD just accross the road..

thank god!

anyone told you guys..McD has the best coffee ever!? seriously..better than coffee bean n starbucks.. [well at least for me]

then at 9 am, ikea was open for breakfast..

so many people having breakfast at ikea..on a Sunday morning..

while waiting for my shopping buddy...I did this..

the budget for todays shopping..left the original at the office...huhu..

shopped for an hour

went straight back and slept

* i swear i mentally drafted this post more interesting than this one...but still having a bad headache from this whatever!! hahahahahaha [why am i laughing again?? urghh!!] need-panadol - or better - nescafe! junkie! *


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aynzan said...

This post brought a smile to my face..I have a six year old son and he is Aqil..