Monday, June 14, 2010

boots to bed.

on my second cup of nescafe today.

sleepy. headache.

woke up as early as 4am this morning coz needed to send hubs to KL Central before 6.45am.

yes. his going for audit again. this time. Papua New Guinea. 2 weeks. hmm..

talking about hubs, bought him a new pair of boots for his trip since he's going to audit a *something* factory where he is required to wear boots for safety..

its that front-hard type of boots. i dunno its name. whatever.

he was so excited when we got back. he wore those boots all night long!

he even said he was going to wear them to bed! of course he didnt tho..mmg kene tido luar laa klu bwk naik katil kasut but tuuu...[kidding banggggg!!! ;p]

haha! like a kid getting candy. but I guess that happens when you seldom buy stuff for yourself..typical hubs. he only buy stuff when he thinks he really2 needs on the other hand...well..lets not get into that topic..i just got another "tak habis2.." from hubs darling last Saturday..nak buat camne bang...bini abg ni bnyk betul keinginan..hahaha..


will I miss him? I dunno... before this there was no Aqil to keep me company.. but I guess I will...I depend on him too much.. ;p

last Saturday was SIL's birthday...treated her the Baskin Robins Ice Cream Fondue for her bday... delish!! ;)

why am I the only one looking at the camera? hmphh..


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