Thursday, May 27, 2010

flowers and hantaran

eversince i change to this new team, work has been crazy hectic! everything is back-to-back...payment-reporting-back to payment-crest..yada yada yada..and the BPs are like crazy demanding [of course la, they pay us what!]..these past 3 days i've been ordering fast food for lunch - not healthy at all!! [tula..padan muka sape suruh tuka team yg buat full set!] I've been cursing a lot - i know, BAD BAD! but despite all that..i love my work! dont ask why..i just do.. ;p

today, I'm on leave coz tomorrow my BIL is getting married...I volunteered to make his hantaran...i hard could it be kan to arrange some flowers on a tray? i have no idea what i'm doing..currently everything looks like this:

lets just see how they turn out eyh..i'll post about the finish product later...

i gtg...its raining cats n dogs outside and i think i see lightning...need to turn off the modem..

but before that, picture of the day [or more likely, week] :

aqil's first outing, blame the granma coming over and say "jom p genting!" .. haha! of courssseeee granma..aqil mestilaa nak g genting!!!!!


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eija said...

ee..geram tgk aqil. muke terkezut tu sebijik nampak cm adam mulut 'O'. kisses to your little boy