Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the things people have to go thru eveyday

since hubs is still in PNG and lil sis is back in school, I am now staying at my Aunt's in Subang [where I leave Aqil during the day]. Its easier for me to go to work from there. if not i have to berulang from Selayang to Subang. mampus!

the only way I know from subang to work is using Federal. and boy...the traffic starts as early as 6.45am!! [the time I went out this morning!]

asked my cousin how on earth these people go thru this traffic every single day..??

cousin said, it takes a true Subarian at heart to have the patience to be stuck in Federal everytime they go to!

here are images of the road of me going to and back from work..

To work @ 7.10am

From work @ 8.15pm !!!!!

seriously!! I went back from work late yesterday [because of the workload not suka2!] , thinking that..for sure the roads will be traffic....but nope...same old same old..

so, to all subang people..

wa tabik sama lu!!


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