Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anna Patchwork House

eversince Aqil was born, my sewing machine has been collecting dust somewhere in mom's house..[brought it there to jahit-jahit but never found the time to do it]..

and then I saw this camera strap cover at Made by Maya..one of my favorite craft blogs..she makes just the most cutest dresses for her daughter...of course the sewing mood came straight back..so I googled for designs and fabric...unfortunately those fabrics she uses are crazy expensive..and need to be pre-order/order from US...sgt bukan seorang yg penyabar diri ini..heheh...

so i googled somemore and found Anna Patchwork House blog..and guess what..she has a store in Sunway Pyramid!!

but of course I had to go usha the shop at once..so called up Aye, asked if Aqil is ok...of course he is..Wa took him out..that manja little boy..huhu...

so after work, I went straight there...and felt like I was in heaven!

Kak Anna, the owner, is a very nice lady..she opened this store of hers almost one year ago, where she quit her 8-5 job and pursuit in something she's most passionate about..I envy her..I wish I could do that..maybe one day bila ade rezeki..insyaAllah...

here's some picts i took while i was there...

a cozy little store

fabrics arranged by colours..

just scrumptious!

pretty pretty pretty!

Fat quaters.. best for quilting...small pieces but variety..

work in progress...she takes orders and also conduct classes! just call her up for the time..she's normally at the store from 11 am till it closes

the fabrics I bought..cant wait to start sewing!!

all her info you can get it from her blog..and owhh...she's having her 3 day 1st anniversary sales starting July 1st!! go go go!! i will definitely be there the first day!! hehe...

i am one happy lady! lagi2 coming home to this little angel..

life is just perfect..alhamdulillah... ;)



s h e d O t said...

ya ampun!! berketak2 tangan Aqil!!chubby!!aku bace blog ko pun jd excited gak ngan all the fabrics ;) tp malangnye aku ni spesis malas

aiesya said...

tu laa psal...sihat giler anak aku...hehehe..aku pun ikut mood..ni ade mood buat laa..hehehe