Thursday, June 17, 2010

tutorial : baby boy soft cap

when I browse through the baby blogshops [which I do oh-so often..hehe] I find it hard to find caps/hats for my baby boy...girls hat..yes..a thousand and one different patterns and colours, but when it comes to boys selection..adoi....its like close to impossible... [exaggerate much! lol!]

one day, i went into a baby store and found this..

yeay!! a cap for my baby..its soft and very2 comfortable coz the material is the tshirt-like its soft for baby's anyways..hubs complained that its too baby-ish.. i mean with the hippo on the cap...i was like..erk..?? its a baby cap..what do u expect syg..??

anyways...i was looking at the cap and thought "i cant make looks easy enough to copy..."

so I instantly went home and start digging for old tshirts that I dont wear anymore...did a little bit of sketching and drawing...and cutting and sewing...and i finally made this...

a combination of green and black..very the hip-hop dont u think?? hehe.. i used two of my very2 the small-never worn for 3 year- bodyglove tshirt....nice or not? hehehe

then i thought..hmm...why not share the love? so here it goes...the tutorial...i hope its clear enough to understand...

you can download the BABY SOFT CAP TEMPLETE here.

1. cut 12 pieces of the curvy-triangle, you can mix the colours accordingly..the basic is 6 pieces for the outlayer and 6 pieces for the inner-layer. [i used 3 green, 3 black for the outerlayer and 6 white for the inner- all fabrics i cut out from my unused tshirts]

cut 2 pieces of the front cap [i forgot to take pictures, i'll put it in the pattern later]

cut a piece of hard interfacing, iron on the top side of the front cap, and sew both right side together...

turn the front cap inside out, and top stitch the top cap.. you'll get something like this..

sew the curvy-triangles right side facing all six of the outerlayer..and you'll get something like this...

topstitch the outerlayer..and get something like this..

do the same thing with the inner layer..but leave 2 1/2 inch on one below

take both inner and outerlayer and sew right side together

remember to put in the front between the layers..this part is a bit tricky, so do it can pin it first to make sure the position of the front cap is correct.. [sorry..forgot to take picture]

also..try to align the inner and outer layer together so that it will look better..

turn the cap inside out and sew in 2 1/2 inch of elastic band at the back of the cap..use the 2 back triangle of the cap...this one you have to use your imagination, coz it took me 1/2 n hour to make it right...i dont know how to really explain...just trial and error.. [not a very good tutorial huh??] lol!

lastly, sew the opening in the can do it however you, i'm the lazy type..just use machine...see..even the thread i'm lazy to change colour! ;p

and then you have it! your own baby cap!! ;) soft and comfortable for your lil munchkin!

and now theres two! ;)

good luck!



Aida said...

comey nye topi buatan ibu sendiri...kreatif n rajin kamu ni aisya...untung aqil...hehehe

wahwo said...

bravo aisyah...can't wait to see aqil with the cap.

aiesya said...

hehe..tu laa cu..siap2 jer trus sarung kat kepala Aqil..padahal die tgh tido...punya laa tak sabar..mmg laa marah budak kecik tu kene kcu tido die! ;p

linziana said...

oh my!!gorgeoues.i used to be your silent thinking wether u can make for my boy as well?

[ Hanie ] said...

uih, rajin dan berbakatnye die!
hanie duk tgk satu2 caranya ni pun, tak boleh nak imagine mcmmane hahaha. nampak sgt tak reti/kreatif hanie nih hish

amalkhalid-kemek said...

aisyah..OMG!!!!ko sgt gifted..started with sewing the cheerleading suit..then..THIS??!!!so impressive la..siap ade tutorial lg..thanks for the aku nk tmph je bleh?ekekekekek..

nadz said...

cuteness!cant wait to meet aqil!yeah with the cap on lah of course ;)

take care babe!

aiesya said...

linziana: alamak..buat bukan kemas pun.segan nak buat2 untuk org..hehe

kem: ehem boy jugak ke??

nadz: hehe..tulaa..bila nak buat playdate ni? [mcm laa baby pandai nak main..huhu]

amalkhalid-kemek said...

aisya..masalahnya tak!!!!girl la..ko kene design topi tok girl pulak la....hehehhe..mana tau no 2 boy pulak memg tabik arr..bakat jahit ko tak sia2..hehheh...btw..aqil is soo tembam...rase nk picit2 geram!!!!!!!tak tau bile nk jumpe...