Saturday, June 19, 2010

HAPPY [belated] FATHER's DAY

To my lovely dad..

And also to Hubby dearest...

Its his first year celebrating Father's Day...I made him a boxer [not so nice...the tutorial was a bit confusing] for Fathers Day...but have to wait another week to give him the boxer.. so abg, cepat2 balik ye!

and made one for baby Aqil..but turn out to be too small for him! boohoo...i forgot I downloaded the 0-3 month old size, my baby is almost 4 month already! duhh!! [nk bagi org pun segan, tak berapa kemas the jahitan..hmmm]

*wrote this post yesterday, on the ACTUAL day of fathers day, but got somewhat interrupted, laa today.. ;)

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