Friday, April 29, 2011

passport sleeve FOR SALE

when i'm stressed.. i sew...

Price RM15 per piece
Postage RM5 

aisyah samsudin

Monday, April 25, 2011

friends forever

mr hubs and i have same circle of friends...and its been awhile since the last time we gathered and lepak2..we usually have an annual BBQ but last year everyone was busy having all our plans were put on hold....

so when Shidi suggested a weekend vacay at PD, we all said yes right away...ramai yg tak dpt join because of personal reasons but ok laa..ade 5 families and one bujang and we had a blast! :)

no mood nak tulis panjang2 so enjoy the pics...

at the pool...

father n son

building sand castles

BBQ time!

babah shidi with rayyan n aqil

shisha time for the men

first time mandi laut

vroommm vrooommm

uyun, shidi, rayyan 

elyn, pen, iman

shidi, uyun, rayyan (again!)

zack and zaiton 

jaja, zam n aleesya

the single guy, Papa Yim

aisyah, ali, aqil :)

us :)

it was nice spending time with them...i miss the old days..but the present is great also...masing2 dah ade anak.. .but still same mcm dulu....

us before kahwin (not all in the picture)

may we stay friends for eternity! :)


i found it in my Ipad??

last time when i did my PB testimonial, I put a picture of me pregnant...i know..not fair laa kan..mase pregnant mmg gemuk..dah kata berbadan dua...i actually tried to find a picture of myself masa tgh "sihat" tu kan...but i could not find one...merely because, I rarely take pictures at that time or if I do and I look fat in it..i'll delete it asap..seriously...that is how conscious i am about my body...

then last 2 weeks, when i was presenting to one of my prospect in JB, I found this in my Ipad..

i think this picture was taken a few month after i delivered... berat tak silap around 65kg kot? gemok giler please! 

and me now......

me at 57kg! the tops are the same but in different colors (yes.when i like something i'll buy the same in multiple colors! :) )

do i diet or control my eating?? ask anyone around me...nope nope nope....masa diet2 tu dah berlalu...i enjoy food too much to control my eating....

its purely Premium Beautiful and Lactolite people!! seriesly....this is why I am so confident in the product...because it definitely works on me....just pki min 8 hours a day...and drink lactolite every morning/night.......i dont diet...i dont exercise..and i eat a lot! 

Interested to know about PB? Book your appointment now and I'll give you free consultation on PB :) I'll give u a good deal. Promise! :)

Aisyah - 0192710102

YM/FB/Email :

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aqil at his nursery

ramai kawan2 tanya, hows life as a WAHM?  i'll say its the bestt!!!

ade jugak yg tanya, do i still hantar my son to the nursery...?? well...yes of course...

why?? for his social skills and for learning new things and for him to have friends of course! :)

do i send him everyday? nope..sometimes when i dont have any appointments for the day, I'd stay at home with him, but i dont do that often because its so hard to do anything when he's around...hehe...tgk muka die yg comel tu jer..mesti rase nak peluk cium..lepak2 peluk2 die depan tv jer..main2 ngan nothing is done...masak tak, kemas tak, basuh baju tak, lipat baju tak, nak blog pun tak jadi...unless he's asleep (like what he is currently doing now ;))

plus, i dont want him to miss out on anything kat nursery..sbb I am so lucky to get a very good nursery dekat dengan area rumah...from he was a baby, teachers kat nursery dah start tunjuk flash cards, and now bila dah besar sket...he's joining the older kids watching educational videos, doing crafts, doing mind development activities..sometimes when terlebih rajin I will just hang around at the nursery tgk die buat all the stuff and rase seronok sangat when he joins the elder kids and tunjuk minat in all the activities yg ade.. ;) 

and...yg bestnyer, the teachers speaks english with the kids (mostly because kebanyakkannya anak2 expat) but i think its good for him to start to learn speak english dari kecik, malay will come naturally to him, i try to speak fully english dengan die, but lidah dah biasa ckp melayu bnyk laaaa terlepas terlepas...hehe..and bnyk budak2 jepun kat ctu, and they speak japanese among themselves so hopefully, aqil boleh tangkap sket2 bahasa jepun or maybe akan interested nk blaja one day... :) 

anyone near mont kiara/sri hartamas area yg nak cr nursery and interested nk checkout this one, boleh laa email ke text me to get the owners number (she has more than 10 years of experience) ... i highly recommend the place...rase secure nk hntr anak kat ctu.. ;)

this is not a paid advert or what...saje nk share n help out working moms out there yg nk cr nursery bcoz i know how hard it is to find a good n secure one.. :)

aisyah samsudin

Sunday, April 24, 2011

ini Kama ;)

remember I went to JB last 2 weekends to help my business partner? alhamdulillah everything went hubs had some work to do, so my mom, her best friend, my lil brother decided to accompany me to JB .. alhamdulillah I have a supporting family.. ;)

anyways, I've known Kama since my college years in Perlis but we werent like close or anything..she asked me thru fb about the business and she is my business partner :) I admire her spirit and her willingness to learn eventho jauh kan...she calls me up for tips and advices and I am soooooo happy with her progress :) and proud too....

one thing about this business, its the best feeling when you know ur helping out someone else to achieve their target for Kama (in the short term) is bringing her (and her future hubby) to Venice!! Honeymoon in Venice babe!! every girl's dreamm... plus FOC lagi and 5 star treatment! :)

anyone in JB yang nak beli Premium Beautiful or know more about the business, you should definitely contact Kama...

Call/Text Kama at 019-7452759

she'll be there to assist you ;)

you go girl!!! ;)

aisyah samsudin

after a longg break... week without a single update??

what happened..??

a little bit of laziness

a little bit of writers block (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!)

more on a broken card reader which I have no idea why my son loves it so much that he keeps on putting it in his mouth and throwing it here and there until I cant seem to transfer pictures from it anymore!! whats a blog post without pictures right?? borriiinnnnggggg.....

so today after a longgg break and a sudden realization that my SIL's notebook is around to transfer my I am updating my many post will i write today? I am not sure..might be that this will be the only one..or more?? i dont i care if people say cam menggelabah updating so many post in one day? nope. its my space. i'll do whatever i want. tqvm. :)

there's nothing much i want to write, just going to re-cap a few things i bought thru-out this month..not showing off or anything...just a reminder to myself to stop buying things (more like unnecessary things) everytime i step out from the house...

some makeups..didnt buy all at one go... one piece everytime i step into MAC

mac eyeliner (the best yet!) , mineralized blusher in dainty (also one of my fav!) , MAC Wonder Woman limited edition eyeshadow palette (in blue - very pretty colours!), MAC foundation (I prefer Chanel's foundation tho) , Stila Smoky Eye palette (this one beli from a friend of a friend- but loveeee the color!)   

pelampung for Aqil (end up tak pakai pun!)

milk bottle for lil Aqil masa Jusco sales ade 20% off :) u know even BPA free pun we need to change the bottles every 6 month!

Bonita flats (yess!! I am totally a flat girl!) two for rm69! cheap kan?? design sebijik macam tiamo punya dulu, but Tiamo dulu jual two for rm99!! I am going there again to grab summore (?? baru jer ckp takleh membazir!)

** perasan tak tangan aqil yg gatal nak cabut bling bling tuuuu......

Feather Pillows - in my defense, they were selling for RM35 each from actual  price RM100++ masa jusco sales!! I must say I just love comfy things and feather pillows? can sleep all night mehh!! best! ;) and they last longer tau! *hubby ckp i'm spoiling him with all these expensive bedding stuff..mula2 latex n memory foam mattress, then latex pillow, pastu cotton silk sheets and comforter now bantal ni plak...tu bila tido tempat lain terbayang jer katil kat rumah..*


lastly, my first expensive handbag... walaupun coach jer kan..but still..for me...not cheap! I know I said I'm not a handbag person or will never buy an expensive handbag kan..well..i'm a girl...what more could I say.. :)

ade lagi a few tops and bottoms..hehe...but dah pki kan..takkan nak p snap gak gambar plak...but if i total up together all my spendings..hmm....way more than i normally would spend masa makan gaji dulu..but the best part credit card!! all cash...alhamdulillah.... mmg betul ape Salha ckp about the feeling u get after earning in this business...all a good way...bukan nak show off k people (hehe..bukan beli brg mewah pun..) just saying that, u can choose to have a better life, just if u are willing to change and take up a bit more risk than you're used to...

of course doing business is not easy...of course doing business has its risks...but for me...its a risk worth taking because...not only you improve your life (financially i mean..) but also, you can atleast work to give a better future to your family...insyaAllah.....

we do this business as a a and down we go thru it dont long as you want it...we will help you to achieve it...

come join my family...

AISYAH - 0192710102

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

calling all JB people





CALL/TEXT ME : 019-2710102






SEE YOU THEREEEE................................. ;)

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

passport sleeve and sushi

dalam semangat nak g melancong ni (ok tau..lambat lagi.....sabar aisyah sabarrrr.....) sajer jer made a few passprot sleeves...they are super easy to make and sooooo cute ok!! I am going to change a passport sleeve everytime I go on vacay... ;)

already gave one to Salha..will try to one each for my friends yg g melancong sekali nnti...insyaAllah...

cakap psal Salha, yesterday she came over to my house mintak tolong alter her dresses...(yes! sehari sebelum nak bertolak ke Perth...and notice the plural) nasib baik laa jahit straight takde laa lama sgt..but challenging laa jugak sbb satu tu dress warehouse rm600..klu rosak nanges aku nak ganti!!! hahahhaa...nasib baik! perasan please....

but anyways after that kitorang g gardens untuk last minute shopping (LAGI!?!?!?!?!)...this time salha nak cari sneakers plak...pusing nyer pusing, jumpa Vans punya sneakers yg uber cute!! terus rembat!! me macam berkenan LaCoste nyer sneakers..tangan gatal cam nak amekkkkk jer...but harus bersabar..lambat lagi nak g hold the shopping first...usha bagi habis dulu...;)

then Salha belanjerrr makan kat Sushi Zanmai.......sedappppppp.....punya bnyk si Salha order sampai kene tapau balik... ;)

muka pucat lesi sbb tak pki makeup pun....minggu ni minggu tanpa makeup sbb muka dah bersepah dengan jerawat...nak kene cool down jap with the makeup..sbb hubby pun dah tegur muka bersepah....haaaaaiiiihhhhhhhhhh.....!!!

sperti mahu menjerit excitednyerrrr... lagi2 pas baca post Hanis Zalikha about Hong Kong...



Majlis Kesyukuran Pakej Melancong Hong Kong 2011

a video made by Alfaath malam majlis kesyukuran

OMG!! my voice????!!!!! I know right!!?!?!?!?!!!!!


shopping with the leaders

the other day, met up with Salha to get semangat and a few pointers before she flies of to Perth (jealous much!).. After the meeting, we went shopping or more like I teman die shopping since she wanted to buy new stuff for her trip to Perth...satgi...tak lama, Hanis joined us..perhhh..terus dapat tips and pointers dari Hanis pulak.... woottt wootttt...... ;) 

anyways....suka tgk the way they shop...tak tgk price tag ye...hehe...takpelaa...after their hard work for 2 years..dah dapat  6 figure income..ini la time nak spend kan....

Pastu had late lunch at Delicious , first time makan kat ctu, I had...hmmm...ape ntah...but it was yummmmyyyy!!! ;) Hanis ordered sampai 2 cawan latte...gile pening pas tu...heeeee....tapi yg bestnyaa...masa lunch tu, dapat lagi tips and advice from Hanis and Salha, terus adrenaline rush tu datang.....

actually business ni senang jer...lagi2 ade guide from leaders....they have been thru a lot...and mmg if tanya anything...insyaAllah diorang ade solution for every problem...if bende yg diorang belum encounter before, then sama2 akan buat brainstorming untuk dptkan idea how to solve the problem.....if kita buat business kita sendiri...ade ke org yg tolong mcm ni? takde kan...thats why i said, business ni senang n mudah if we do it the right way.. ;)

my dish....trio something...

salha main dengan gula, si Hanis laa ngaja ni...

testing her new camera she bought untuk ke Perth ;)

Seronok bila hang out dengan diorang ni....walaupun diorang ni dah successful ...but business matters mmg diorang tak lokek nak kongsi.. ;) 


seeing things in a different perspective

I love to bloghop masa kerja dulu, heee...buhsan jer baca blog ni, baca blog tu, and agaknya mmg kita perempuan ni...mmg suka tgk pretty things, pretty people..tapi yg paling kita suka tgk bila org lain shopping n post ape yg diorang beli....ok..tak tau laa korang...but i like to read those kinda stuff...tgk ape yg org beli...tgk ape org lain pki,....

anyways, one day, ckp kat my husband, "bestnya org yang dah ade semua in life kan..."

then my husband jawab... "kita takleh asyik pandang atas, sekali sekala kene jugak pandang bawah.."

yes. true statement tu. masa tu mmg trus rasa bersyukur n selesa ngan apa yang ada....

But now, since doing business, I find that I think in a different a more positive manner i think...

Klu dulu, bila "pandang atas" , i would always just look n see n feel envious of that person for having everything...saying things like "yelaaa....father die kaya, dah ade company sendiri, boleh laaa nak buat business"

and bila "pandang bawah", terus rasa selesa dengan apa yang ada...

now, bila "pandang atas" jer, I would think of ways for me to be like that person...grab all opportunities yang ada...jadikan inspiration, jadikan motivation pada diri sendiri...coz u know what...we could actually be as successful as that person is!!! nothing is imposable in this world...semua terpulang pada diri kita nak ke tak aje....theres no such thing as.."alaa...die boleh laa die mmg dah kaya..." no...lagi susah kita, sepatutnya lagi kuat determination kita nak buat yg terbaik...bukan bagi excuses..

and pandang bawah is for you to keep urself humble, to remind yourself that ade lagi org yg susah so that bila u dah successful, u remember that u need to give back, Allah bagi kita rezeki bukan untuk diri kita sendiri jer...untuk bantu keluarga kita, sahabat2 kita....if not dari segi kewangan pun, maybe dari segi lain...klu kita ade ability tu, kan seronok....and please...pandang bawah is not meant for you to make an excuse for u to feel not move forward.... jgn umur baru 27, duit cukup2 makan, trus kata dah selesa....bersyukur yer, sbb mmg ade org yg makan sehari sekali jer sbb takde duit, kita mmg mampu nak makan....tapi....jgn sbb org lain tak makan, kita ckp.."oklaaa....ade org lagi aku takyah laa buat ape2 sbb aku mampu makan 3 kali sehari...." .. kesimpulannya, klu pandang bawah tu membuat kan kita taknak move forward in life..then, tak payah laa pandang use...

hmmm....ntah laaa...i'm not being smart or trying to teach people.... I am just saying that sometimes, we see things in a different way when we are in a diff phase of our life...itu jer....bukan nak kata skrg dah hidup selesa...i've still got a loooonnnngggggg way to go...theres still a lot for me to learn...for me to go thru...but I know what my dreams are...I nak what my goals are...insyaAllah...I will try my best to keep my self motivated and achieve all my dreams....insyaAllah...

jom kita pandang atas and pandang bawah for the right reasonss... ;) [does that even make sense???? whatever!!!]

we are not perfect. we are only human. but there is always space to improve ourselves to be a better person.



Sunday, April 10, 2011

majlis kesyukuran untuk Qualifier Hong Kong by CDM Hanis n CDM Salha

my two CDM buat majlis untuk qualifiers Hong Kong last night kat masjid at TTDI.... alhamdulillah...bersyukur sangat dapat pergi ke Hong Kong....:)

This is actually the results from usaha and dorongan daripada my leader Salha, she helped me a lot thru out the fight nak g hong kong ni mmg kene buat sama2 pemimpin..baru boleh berjaya...:) insyaAllah...I want to be the kind of leader salha is...

anyways, rushing nak kluar personal touch letak gambar jer laa yer...

some of the qualifiers...Our group yg pergi i think around 60 people! 2 bus ok!


with my buddy Iffa..Izyan tak dpt dtg bcoz her son was not well... tak sabar nak g HK ngn u guyss!!!

my great leader salha...ade jer idea die nak pose...ish ish...

The people in this business are like ur family...susah senang bersama...alhamdulillah....Allah murahkan rezeki saya and let be in this wonderful group of people....

come join our family....cos we promise u..susah senang long as you want to do the business..and u have a goal to achieve....we will be there supporting u thru and thru....

Aisyah - 0192710102

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