Monday, July 12, 2010

weddings i like

when it comes to wedding, I prefer the days before the wedding, the preparation, the kecoh-ness of the situations [of course when its someone else's wedding and not mine!lol!].. i love doing the door gifts and the hantarans and getting all kepochi about the wedding dress bla bla bla..

last weekend was my cousin's wedding, and of course I was there to lend a hand... :)

this was my first time trying to do a pelamin..[mom volunteered me out of the blue - of course she helped also - and my super creative aunties] it was nothing fancy..just something simple for the nikah ceremony..

it didnt really turned out the way I imagined it to be..but I guess it was OK for my first we did it in 4-5 hours..very2 limited time..considering all that...cousin loved it btw [of course she had to say that kan..huhu..] sorry laa lin..kami budak baru belajar!

I actually had a fever since wednesday [oh-the-sacrifices we make for our family! hahaha] , I was coughing and sneezing all day, and since I am breastfeeding my son, ofcourse eventually he had to catch something from me..sian dia.. he had a temperature and a running nose for 2 days..but him being the mommy's little son..he was laughing and playing with anyone who held him..mcm tak demam langsung..huhu..

took him to the clinic on the 2nd fever then, just running nose..Granpa orders.. doctor said " apelaaa papa you ni..sihat2 bawak you g klinik...aktif jer ni..." hahaha... at last, she didnt charge us anything.. mak die jer yg kene amek gas sbb cannot breathe..haihhh...

tertido while waiting for our turn..

**cant wait for the next wedding..


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