Monday, July 26, 2010


hubs is away for another 2 weeks. again.

of course i'm staying at my parents.

my hands are itching to sew.

but my ['s] sewing machine is at my house.


ps: i'm making some dresses for sale..agak2 ade anyone interested tak? and can give suggestions for sizes..for now mostly for 3-6month



linziana said...

how about baby hat for sale..especially boys?hehehe

az said...

hi aiesya, my baby br 3month. kalo awak buat chantek saya mau beli itu dress..hehhe

aiesya said...

dear az,
baiklah..apabila siap bajunya saya upload okehh??

aiesya said...

linziana: baby hat? ke cap? nak kene cari material dulu..aritu pki old takkan nak pki old tshirts jual kat org plak kan...hehe..klu ade saya habaq naaa..

Norly Saliana a.k.a Sweetmama said...

hai aeisya, bleh jahit tuk girl 3yr old ke?comel la ur dress...