Monday, July 5, 2010

the mood is back!

received these last week :

was so stressed with work at the time, and these really helped to ease the stress ;)

made these:

pencil case for cousin aye who is going to start teaching soon [good luck! ;)]

camera case for myself - it was actually meant for Aye's HTC, but it was a bit big for it, so dapat laa kat my new baby.. ;)

the polka-dot lining - i like!

mom's n mine blackberry pouch.. ;) [but Syiqin wanted mine for her diamond, so being the good sister that I am.. ;) ]

every night at home i'm itching to make more n more stuff..but...

clothes needs to be washed and folded
dinner needs to be cooked
Aqil's bottles needs to be washed and sterilized

and most importantly...

Aqil wants his mom on bed with him until he sleeps... *adoiii* manje!

fabrics from :
Anna Patchwork House
MayMay Shop
Shambijoux Store


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