Wednesday, July 28, 2010

updates on PB

the other day, my cousin Aye said to me .. "kak siti takde perut laa.." .. [yes Aye, I'll blanje you that Dorothy Perkin's top when I'm!]

but seriously, a number of people [office n home] told me I look smaller... even my ex-manager.. hehe.. I guess betul laa kot.. I tak timbang pun..but I noticed I could wear those old jeans of mine...and my tops pun dah tak ketat macam dulu..hmm..

When they ask.. "diet ke..?" .. I'll for sure say No..because its true..i still eat a lot..just the same as I did when I was pregnant.. so how did I lose those fat?

I would say... Premium Beautiful.... I never fail to wear that baby of mine..every single day for at least 8 hours! ok..maybe I cheated a bit during weekends and that one week when I was having a fever.. but, I do wear it everyday.. mostly out of habit now.. pagi2 before I put on my outfit for work..I'll wear my PB first.. if tak pkai rase semacam jer..

I dont think I've lost that much of weight..coz the last time I weigh myself I was still 60+ [not telling you the exact figure! embarassing!] haha... but PB does shape ur body and hid all that flabby part of ur body that you seriously want to hide..and I think it slowly helps get "everything" back into place my tummy..I dont do sit ups like I used to back then, but somehow.. now its flat [not as "tight" as before] but ok least my tummy doesnt show when I wear those not so lose tops..believe me, I am super conscious about that part! ;p

but I guess fully breastfeeding helps too... ;)

so anyone interested in knowing more about PB or interested in joining the business, drop me an email ( or send me a text msg (0192710102).. i'm more than happy to share with you guys!

and for those who are in JB/Kulai and are interested in purchasing PB, you can text my SIL - 0197157691 (Ita) .

till then,


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