Wednesday, July 28, 2010

addicted to cotton!

came back from lunch today and saw this on my table [even the pakguard knows where my table is since I've been receiving lots of parcels lately...very2 bad!]

I looked at the shipper's name [another bad sign..too much online purchase until I had to read the senders name!!!] and I saw "May" fabrics from MayMayShop !!!!

lets count.. one..two..three...on the other hand..lets not! [feeling guilty already]

I super love the first one! cant wait to make a dress out of it.. [any takers? hehehe]

the second one is for baby Aqil [mama has been neglecting him a lot lately..hehe] , still cant decide what to make him..maybe a quilt ?

And since I've bought fabrics from May before, she was kind enough to give some freebies!!

Its like she knows me or something..i lurvveee pink! huhu.. ;)

hmm...if only I had my sewing machine with me...cant wait to start sewing!!


on a different note.

dad treated us dinner at Nelayan last two nights.

Hubs and lil bro were not around tho..cant remember the last time we had everyone together..hmm..

but well, had a blast eating all that food! nyummm....thanks ayah! ;)

Aqil with his Maksu and PakLong !! (haha..that sounds weird! Maksu, Paklong)

cam-whoring with lil sis ;)

the tired Aqil after a long night.. ;)



browneyes said...

Aisyah, you remind me of myself when I first got Adam, I used to make all the baby cots stuff, his crib and all of Callie's girly dresses, smocking and all, tho i did not keep the boys clothing, I'm still keeping Callie's clothing.

aiesya said...

tehh!!!! u know how to do smocking!!!??!?!?!?!!! nak blaja!!! ;) ;) ;)

EKIN said...

aisyah.. kain yg the 1st one u suke tu sejibik sama dgn skirt yg ekin beli for my baby.. brand "baby looney tunes"..and the price is rm59.90 klau takde sale.. but of course i bought it during sale.. dpt 50%.. ekekeke.. ;)
if u make it urself, mesti the cost is cheaper kan..huhu.. jelesnye.. nape la tgn ekin nie keras sgt.. tak pandai nak menjahit.. ;p