Monday, July 19, 2010

tutorial : easy towel bib

I've been feeling guilty because I've been making a lot of girly stuff for my friends and non for lil Aqil..hehehe...but I didnt know what to make him..there's not many choices for boys..

when I went into Cotton on for Kids at Pyramid last Sunday, I saw these cute bibs selling for RM15 (original price rm29)...belek2...hmm...this is easy to make...Aqil is at the stage where he's playing with his saliva all the time..his top is always wet, and the mother always get nagged by the grandparents to put a bib on him...hehe...Aqil have limited pieces of bibs coz the mama only wants to buy the cute ones..and they aint cheap..hahaha...teruk betul..but more....coz mama can make for you...and it doesnt cost that much..hehe

One of the bib I made him..

and to share the love ..

what you need:

1. Hand/face towel
2. Cotton fabric/ Old tshirt
3. Velcro
4. Coordinating thread

Cute the cotton fabric, the same size as ur towel

Mark the middle and draw a circle, for my case, I used a 4 inch diameter circle..;

something like this.

take a 3 x 4 inch fabric, sew and turn inside out and sew at one of the opening at the top. cut the line above the circle before you do this.

you'll get something like this..

sew the sids, and the circle... fabric and towel right sides together...leave a 2 inch opening at the bottom.... (if not clear, kindly refer to the picture above)

2 inch opening at the bottom

Cut the circle

before turning inside out- make slits inside the circle

turn right side out and u'll get something like the above..

sew on the velcro on the top part of the bib

and topstich arounf the bib (this is optional)

tadaaa!! ur done... simple right??

you can actually wear it bothways.. but of course you want the cute part outside

i made 4 for aqil...the two on the left I used my old tshirts..hehehe...

Hope you guys like the tutorial..and good luck!!! ;)


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Memey Anuar said...

aisyah, great tuto.
but how to u sew balik the 2inch opening and keep the stitching hidden?