Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Newlyweds: Fikh n Gee!

Last weekend, me n hubs (n ayim) went to Pahang to attend our friend's wedding..Fikh n Gee .. ;) this couple we knew during our uni times, we have quite some memories together including the famous Bukit Hijau trip (one of the best trips ever!!)..this fikh guy, he's hilarious!! you just couldnt stop laughing when he's around!! but once it was time for the akad..you should've seen his face!!!!! he looks like he saw a ghost or something before! hehehe...!! and Gee..owh..this girl is sOoOooOoOOo seriously sweet!!..she's very2 soft spoken and very2 generous with smiles..:)

anyways..it was a 4 hour trip to Gee's place, Fikh rented a room for us (Thank you!), and alhamdulillah, both events went smoothly (Fikh lafaz sekali jer! tahniah!) ..it was a very2 memorable weekend for them as couple, and for us as their friends..i am very happy that i was able to share the joy with them! enjoy the pics k~~

fikh waiting for the akad..see how nervous he looks? hehe~~

somehow hubs was his pengapit for that night..even when hubs tried to make jokes..fikh was so blur he couldnt tembak balik like he's used to!!

fikh's mom! i was seating beside her...a very2 petite and sweet lady! she looked as nervous as the groom! ;)

serahan mas kahwin..i love how they turned the money into a flower!

Gee asking blessing from her dad ~ i was in tears!!

now he can smile!! hehe ~~

heading to Gee's house for the reception

Fikh's-oh-so-proud-face when Gee kissed his hands for blessing! ;)

the gorgeous bride!!

with Fikh's family!

and lastly...i would like to wish them..


May your relationship last for eternity ~ filled with cute children and grandchildren and also with the blessings from Allah SWT...insyaAllah...

We (aisyah n ali) wish you a very2 happy life! ;)


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Lifelong memories..