Friday, June 19, 2009

human nature : proof is important!

this picture is taken from my senior business partner, the adorable and respectable Hanis's blog.. ;)

She has only been doing this business for 5 monthhh!!!

but just look at her income... RM10 k!!!!!!!! (she got rm7k last month and going to get around RM20k next month!!!)

kidding? nope!!! She's a housewife (a well educated one) but she manage to get this kind of income by doing this her own time and space.....and believe me..her income is going to increase each month!!

now tell me, even when ur working ur ass crazy in the office..are you EVER going to get this kind of income??

my answer : h*** NO !!!

so what ur waiting for..??come join us!!!

it all starts from YOU!!

email me at : escallonia08[at]yahoo[dot]com


1 comment:

Mama Eiman Iman said...

hai fizz's sis..
Yeap, sape tak nak jadi like hanis..:)
So, come n join us as well..
I'm getting excited day by day to see feedback from all of u out there..