Thursday, June 11, 2009

great..great people..

one thing i LOVE most about doing this business is the people or to be seniors and business partners! these people i tell you...are the best.!!!

Bukan sengaja nak puji lebih2 but its seriously true! they call you..ask if you have any problem..they help you..give u ideas and guidance..give u spirit when u feel down ( seriously..when u feel down..and call them like 3am in the morning..they will still be there for you!)..and when they feel like they havent seen you in a while..

they throw a party!!!

ok..maybe not the hoo haa party..more like a makan-makan get together party (these people are married with kids!) ..but who cares!! It just shows how much they care about their business partners and wants to see us as successful as they are!!!

last night, Salha, my senior and business partner, who has two small kids (a 2 year old and a 5 month old baby!) was very2 kind to offer her place for us to gather and cook a zillion food for us!! (i loved the fried chicken the most!!!)

and Hanis, who has a 2 year old son and is in her early stage of her second pregnancy..came to motivate us, and ask us about problems..our next strategy..and even given us some usefull points for our business!!

and also kak mie, far away from rawang..came just to give us support!!!

just tell me how could you not LOVE them..!??!!

to be honest, these people are already stabil and well established with their business, and they could have left us and still make money...but this is not how they roll...they care and they want us to be like them too!!

so, Salha, Hanis and Kak Mie, ThanKs a Lot for aLL your SuPPort!!!

to farah, thank u..thank u..thank u...for intorducing me to them...

to anyone whos interested to join us...and become our business partners....please please please....give me a call (019-2710102) or if ur shy email me ( escallonia08[at]yahoo[dot]com )
I wont bite u know!! hehehe...we are very2 peramah people...!! ;)

*grab this opportunity to be successful!! ;) *




salha said...

hi i bace entry you ni...thanks aishah..and thanks for coming jugak...k..wish you all the best and you will always have our support in everything you do...

The Queen Bee said...

keep it up babe!! ;)

Love u tooooo!

Suzie said...

waaa bestnya selalu terfikir keja ni kena byk travel...i mean nak ke sana sini jumpa client,so camne kalo keja govt?maknanya kalo dok seremban selalu nak kena turun kl every week ke utk buat sale?pls explain sbb tertarik dgn mcm2 la esp when hanis says 10k a month!mmg great lg super hebat =)