Sunday, June 21, 2009


Last Sunday, we had a father's day makan2 at Cippa's ...and I just realized..I didnt wish ayah!! alahai~~ ape jenis anak laa aku nih!!!


I've noticed I dont talk much about Ayah..eventho now I'm much closer to mom..but I have always been "Daddy's little girl"... eventho Syikin is the youngest, but Ayah has always manja kan me more (ni mak yang ckp!) heheh~

But manjakan me more doesnt mean he scolded me less or what, or I could get away with things easily..NO WAY..!!!!! (syiqin n atif get less spanks than me n abng ame do..) Ayah has always been the very2 garang one..

Spanks are very2 the common mase kecik2 dulu...pantang buat silap sikit..mesti kene kat bontot..!!

Kene jerit pun sama...dulu2 temper ayah agak laa menggerunkan!!

I even pernah kene tampar once mase kecil dulu! (and it wasnt even my fault!)

but the best part, after the spanking, or the yelling, and when i started to cry..he would ask me to go wash my face and come back to him with a smile..!! he will go "senyum!...senyum!!! go wash ur face!!!" klu balik tak senyum..lagi die marah!! but logic laa kan..I was young...buat salah..kene marah then kene pukul kat bontot, boleh ke tak nangis..?? boleh ke nak kene senyum balik...hehe~~ lawak betul..but I did actually smile depan ayah sbb tanak ayah marah lagi...!! naik bilik sambung laa nangis.. ;p

sampai sekarang I dont understand the purpose of ayah doing that, asking us to smile, but well maybe its just his way to handle us.. ;p

so anyways, ayah did teach me to be independant, he taught me to cook my first dish "Ayam masak kicap"..he taught me how to menjahit and use the sewing machine...he gave me ideas and taught me how to be creative by using things that are available around us..he taught me how to bertukang (i loveddd making things with him mase kecik2 dulu)...I am who I am today because of him...

and owh... he never failed to give me anything I asked for ( as long as the thing munasabah laa kan ~ but growing up with his garangness.. mmg tak mintak laa bende bukan2 kan~~)

hmm~~ dah membebel panjang Ayah, if you're reading this..


Thank you for everything you have done for me...I know everything is for my best interest..

I love you so much.. (i know i dont say this much).. butI really truly do...

Thank you...again....for everything....

i love you so dearly ~~
your daugther


sarah al -idrus said...

wonder kalo my ayah masih hidup mungkin beruban mcm tu dh kot.heee

evaMY said...

Waaah, cik din is aging gracefully :)

Do u know that kak ezra and I think that cik din and arwah cik usop they look almost alike? Gaya pun dekat2 nak sama. Adik-beradik la katakan...

aiesya said...

sarah: sorry to hear..

kak eva: yeah i know...they do look a like..i still remember ayah's tears mase datang amek me kat asrama nak g kenduri arwah..semoga roh cik usop ditempatkan dikalangan org2 yang beriman..insyaAllah..