Sunday, June 28, 2009

the day I told mom n dad

I remember the day when i told them I was pregnant.

It was after we came back from Atam's.

They were both infront of the TV, watching Fariz playing PS2.

Mom's word "Owhh..congratulations.." then back at the TV screen

Ayah...eye's on TV the whole time....

In my heart, I was like.."diorang ni tak excited ke?"

rase nak nangis pun ade...[i have always been the extra sensitive one]

but then mom wrote this

I feel like crying.

Can I cry?

Owh I'm crying [again]

I love u mom.

So much!

and thank you.

it means a lot.



erinchunk said...

your mom sangat sweeetttt :)

Suzie said...

is that ur mom's blog??owh u r such a lucky person tau aisyah.

a mother's heart is always there for her children.she is not showing her emotions doesn't mean she doesn't care about u.

alhamdulillah =)

aiesya said...


sarah al -idrus said... kedah mmg ceni kot?

Anonymous said...

sya...nk ngs aku bc ni...terharu....

nadia denise said...

aisyah, your mum blogs!! cool ok~ and yeah her entry sgt sweet... sgt best!

Alymia Nelyza said...

ok take note - jangan tunjuk excited. :D

congrats again! i told mama n babah, they were excited too~

m@Ri@ said...

sweet ur mum note..mak maria pun aritu mcm tak layan je bila maria ckp maria maria tau jauh di sudut hati dia..berbunga2 sbb anak die akan lalui satu lagi fasa br dlm idup die...oleh itu marilah kita sama2 jaga hati mak kita kan awak..

p/s:bukan senang nk jd mak..aduih menyesalnya dulu byk tak dengar kata..huhu..

aiesya said...

kak suzie: mom's blog..i guess we are all lucky to have our parents...they are simply the best kan?

sarah: ur mom pun camtu ye? hehe

denise: hahaha..i know..mase mula2 dapat tau pun cam..wahhhh...mak? blog?

alya: tell auntie sal she's going to be a nenek soon!! hehehe...granma sal!!! ;)

maria: tu laa..skrang ni..mmg amat menyesal laa..tak dengar kata dulu..klu laa boleh turn back time kan..mesti jadi anak solehah! ;p

The Queen Bee said...

wah dasyat ur mom blogger jugak ghupenyeeee hihi

i plak masa dpt tau i peknen n bitau my parents... kene marah! PAsal peknen masa belajar. lol lg sedey