Monday, June 22, 2009

3 times a charm...

a few month ago....

[at a clinic in Kota Damansara]

me: i'm feeling very2 dizzy doc..

doc: pain?

me: no pain, just spinning..I can't concentrate...peningnya semacam

doc: how old are you?

me: 25

doc: married?

me: yes

doc: for how long?

me: owh..just december..

doc: when was ur last period..

me: oh..i'm not pregnant [dgn penuh confidence!]

doc: how do you know? [looking surprised n confused by my answer]

me: because i'm planning

doc: ur taking the pills?

me: nope..doing it naturally, counting days and

doc: what type of protection?

me: errr...c****m...[shy]

doc: how do you count?

me: ermm...[explained]

doc: you do realize that ur counting method is wrong..

me: errkk...?? thenn..??

doc: [explained for almost 15 minutes] understand?

me : yes doctor! thank you

doc: but u know, even with c****m, there's a 10% of getting pregnant?

me: erkkk.......???


a couple of weeks ago
on the 30th day of my period cycle,
I was feeling:
1. dizzy
2. nausea
3. fatigue
I was thinking:
1. hmm..nak period laa ni..
2. wait a minute, dah 30 hari, pelik... [my normal cycle is 27/28]
3. pregnant ke? eyh..takkot..tak mungkin.. [i'm sure i didnt count my days wrong!]
4. dekat dah ni ngan kedai...beli jer la yang murah...[rm6.90]
tested : one line! [ not pregnant..esok laa tu period...]
read the instructions again : "even if the line is faint, can considered as pregnant and should consult a doctor"
looked again : 2 lines, one very2 faint! [errkk..?? bila mase line ni muncul plak ni??]
the next day, went to see the doctor [sebenarnya sbb nak amek MC, my head was spinning like crazy] , told her i tested, but she said it was still early to check, klu check pun, nothing should show, confused, errm...ok...wrong results.... mixed feelings [lega ke sedih?]


the next day

feeling confused and tak puas hati [if nothing shouldnt show, apsal ade 2 line plak kan]

plus, Hubby was coming home from fieldwork...

wth, beli laa yang mahal sket [rm9.90]

tested : again, positive .. hmmm.........maybe I just should wait until a week....then test again...

but when Hubs came back, being the person who doesnt know how to keep secrets from her hubby..i told him i think i was pregnant..

he was shocked of course but so happy...

i was still confused...


the next day

before going to Pahang, I decided to buy the expensive one [rm19.90!!!!], klu laa tu
tested : again..positive!!!
but I was still not satisfied...but then, klu dah sampai 3 times positive..mestilaa pregnant kan...!?!
[bukan tak suka or taknak, but I was confusedd...macam betul kira hari, but doctor tu ckp mcam tu...patut tak nampak lagi results sbb belum seminggu...hmmm....


sunday night

fell really hard in the toilet

felt a little pain in the stomach

Hubs ajak g clinic... i said nvm...ok jerr...tak sakit sgt...


monday morning
on the way to work...
me: perut sakit laa..kenape ek..angin kot..
hubs: abg tak kesah..nak tanak g gak klinik!
[at the clinic]
me: my period is late, I've checked 3 times, all positive
doc: why did u check 3 times for? once is enuf..
me: but that day the doc said, it was too early to i wasnt sure
doc: ? no...its ok...u are pregnant the 1st time u checked...
me: owhhh [membazir jerrr...cehhhh!!!] , so i fell down yesterday,
i feel some pain [the panic came-mintak laa takde ape2]
doc: any bleeding?
me: no..i think...
doc: ok..i give u rest today, go back n rest, within 24hours if got bleeding,
come see me..if not then should be ok....
me: thank you doctor.... [dupdapdupdap]

kesimpulan ?
I am 6 weeks pregnant... ;)
hehehe....sekian terima kasih......
[owhh..there was no bleeding..alhamdulillah.... ]
dear aunties, cousins and siblings,
since this will be the first grandchild in the family, now is the time for you to find your glamour name before the baby comes...once dah panggil takleh tukar dah..
will it be, tok wa, tok ngah, tok teh, tok zah [?], tok tam, tok man, tok pa [?] and tok su
or something more glamorous ? heheheheeheee....
and owh cousins, I will be TiSya to your future kids makcik2 tqvm!!!

gambar hiasan : the night he told me he liked me, who would have thought, ali n aisyah, married, and now going to have a baby together!! ;)

bersyukur di atas segala yang dikurniakan oleh-Nya



Anonymous said...

hoho tahniah!!
-alin aris -

Anonymous said...

yeayyyyy :) boleh train jadi bballer(yang solehah) ni :P lol!

evaMY said...

Congrats dear!
Take good care of yourself ok :)

sarah al -idrus said...

tahniah2.waa cinta kat U me too harap ke jinjang pelamin la.seronotnye nak dpt org baru.

zarin said...


erinchunk said...

OMG!!!! ok dah called kan tadi..but still thrill.haha!congrats!! xx

FdausAmad said...

Gua nak ajak lu dtg mkn kenduri kat blog gua..

Folo baca doa skali pun takpa..

Alymia Nelyza said...

*jerit sebab gembira sangat*
kak aisyah pregnant!!!!!!
omg omg i'm very excited kak!
tahniah tahniah!~
wow, bertambah lagi bilangan family lepas ni~
so, jaga diri elok2.

SilentReader said...

congratulations to both of u :)

Suzie said...

alhamdulillah =) erkk camne explanation doc pasal kiraan tu?bermula dari 1st day kita period kan??n hari fertile tu adalah hari ke 12-15?betul ke sweetie??TQ

aiesya said...

thanks all for the wishes..doakan yang baik2 yer untk kami.. ;)

ps: kak suzie, nanti jumpe aisyah terangkan k.. ;)

syu_hidayah said...

haip cuz .. you cant be tisya.
you would be mak lang aisyah :)
then we could keep the tradition

for example :
wa syu
wa arur
wa aye
wa ati

pak lang amir
mak lang aisyah
pak lang atif
mak lang syikin

mak ngah nana

pak su firdaus
pak su ayis
mak su ana
pak su a an

anyway congrats

e i c a h said...


terasa happy plak baca ur post..congratulation!

u asal selayang ke? where about?

aiesya said...

kak ida,
mak lang aisyah?!?!?! not glamorous ok!!!
plus anak2 tizah n cippa will be what?

mak zah najwa? heheheheheh ;p

thanks! parents kat selayang indah ;)
ur joining our team is it? welcome!! ;)

Mahani said...

kak aisyah,

cite la camne kiraan yg betul utk waktu subur etc etc...

huhu risau plak saya haha

The Queen Bee said...

congrats aisyahh!!!

yezza biasanye yg kita control tu la yg melekattt!! haha i pun last time n this time control jugak. lekat lg. Rezeki tuu. syukur alhamdullilah.

InsyaAllah mintak dipermudahkan pregnancy yea.

yeye kita sekapal. heehee.

Suehaida said...

=) tahniah..

mishungu said...

congrats sis..hmm btw,sis dulu uum ek??

gorie said...

congrats kak siti!

Azwani Shaari said...

congrat dear.take a gud care of ur self n the little one...gambo last tu mcm depan library jek..windu plak kat uum..heheheh

Zidzealda said...


Congrats dear:)
Alamak,aku kene cepat2 blajar wat tudung drpd ko ni b4 ko dah sarat..hihih.Take care ya!

aiesya said...

mahani: bagi email..susah laa nak citer kat sini~~ panjang..hehe

hanis: hehe..alhamdulillah..;)

sue: thanks!

mishungu: thanks!..haah..UUM... ;)

zahidi : uncle gorie ke?

kak wanie : hehehe...thanks!haah..depan lib..tu laa..rindu gilerr!!!!

zelda: hehehe...datang kl kasik tau k!! ;)

m@Ri@ said...

hi just blog hopping and found urs..nice blog..wanna say congratulation..saya pun mcm awak..test 3 kali +ve tp mcm tak caya je...sbb last month tu br je period..anyway this is my first experience..tak bape tak sgt..huhu..

ungu violet said...

jaga diri ya ;)

[ Hanie ] said...

wahhhh berita yg sgt gumbira. Congrats both of you :D Take care ok.

f a i z a h 's said...

bleh sy link blog awk? menarek la leh share2 nti infos ^_~

aiesya said...

faizah: boleh jerr.. ;)