Monday, July 2, 2012

TOP by ME :)

why I'm addicted making my own tops now ~

1 - I have no tops to wear! semua sangkut tang perut!! takkan nak pakai tshirt jer klua kann

2- the ready to wear maternity clothes are just plain hideous! I hate frills and I definitely hate empire tops! they make the boobs look bigger than they usually are and it makes u look fat!

3- I find the jersey tops are too sexy - they just cling on to the wrong places ~ lemak lemak lemak showing..urgh..

4- buying normal tops is a waste coz I have to take 2 size bigger where the sleeves are too big, shoulder drops, but tang perut ~ muat2 jer ~ not sexy!

5- I get to choose my own material, corak and color! :) (whats up with the craze for animal prints now?)

6- I dont have to wait 2-3 weeks for a top (if hantar tailor) - 1 top takes me 1 hour to complete :)

7- I dont have to pay for tailoring which can be RM30 for a super duper simple blouse :)

8- 1 top cost me less than RM20 :) so buat 5 helai pun still below RM100 ~ how cool is that?

9- I can choose how long or how short the top would be ~ or how loose it would be ~ 

10 - its super easy to make!!! try making ur own by 1st making ur own pattern

11- sewing keeps my stress level to the minimum! :) 

12- the satisfaction making my own top :)

try making your own :) its fun I promise! :)

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent


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yaumil hidayah said...

siyes lawa kak aiesya! love love love! ^^

aiesya said...

thanks darlings :)