Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Dear Warehouse Sales

I have now checked off all the items in my shopping list :) thanks to My Dear warehouse sales :) I knew about this sales masa aqil lagi, bought his crib set there, mmg murah compared kat luar, I think My Dear buat warehouse sales twice a year kot, so when I saw the advert for this mid-year sales, mmg harus pergi!

I didnt have much to buy pun actually, the only major one was the car seat - I was at first contemplated nak beli car seat baru ker tak, since we have aqil punya carrier (but not very stabil) and also his car seat, but after the other day, testing bagi aqil dok belakang sorang2, pakai normal seat belt, tak sampai 5 minits, die dah berdiri and melompat sini sana, ohhh~~ bahaya2... maka...

he's back in his car seat...

and considering hubs now is always working till late, I need a stable carseat for my 2nd one coz I'll be the one handling the both of them...and safety always come first kan ~ so, beli jer laa a new one :)

I've searched other places jugak for the carseat ~ but I think the prices semua cam over rated... bukan berkira, but I was comparing between these 2 carseats that I was fond of, the material, the design, the safety features, more or less the same, but because of the brand (cant remember what tho), 1 tu trus jadi rm1k ~ and the other one was rm500 .. mmg nak amek jer yg rm500 tu, but in my heart said, takpelaa, nnti dtg lagi ~

tup2 p My Dear warehouse sales tu, ade carsear yg rm500 i wanted tu but selling at RM345! alhamdulillah ~ I honestly didnt realized it was My Dear punya brand, coz the SA kat kedai tu ckp brand singapore jer, i sendiri tak belek tgk brand pun ~ I was more focused on the safety features, and comparing it to the other one ~ so yeay for warehouse sales!! :)

anyways ~ here some pictures from the warehouse sales, tak berapa nak jelas coz I took it from my phone and combined it sbb post kat FB ~ but the prices mmg damn cheap! mmg worth going especially if you're preparing for your first child ~ bnyk bende nak beli kan ~ you can save at least rm400-500 in total! :) I also bought a nursing pillow, klu kat luar retailing for rm99 , I got it for rm62 jer kat sales tu :)

sadly, the sales ended ni lambat laa pulak kan...but i think they will be having another one hujung tahun ni, if you're interested :)

balik2 rumah ~ "mama, ni aqil punya laaaa"

hadehh, jgn berebut dengan adek sudahh~~

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

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