Monday, July 2, 2012

120 eyeshadows :)

I've got a few more of these to let go (or more like my friend has - tolong promote untuk die nih)

harga dulu was RM75 , but now dah jadi RM60

tapi ade +RM10 for wrapping and postage ~ kene pakai bubble wrap ni :)

you can hear my go crazy about this pallete HERE (seriously!crazy lady rambling)

I love this to bits! most of the colors are pigmented and very2 nice! If you are new to make-up and want to test the colors that suits you mmg sgt2 berbaloi ~ yelaa..even if you buy maybelline yg duo tu pun dah RM belas2 kan... klu 120 colors berapa bnyk plak nak spend? tu blom MAC lagi :)

so anyways ~~ just holla me if you're interested


Aisyah Samsudin

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