Wednesday, July 18, 2012

going green with CD!!

morning peeps! its been a while since my last post..hee...been obsessing with baby preparations and meeting clients, didnt have the chance to update my blog ~ 

anyways, now that I know that my second would be a mini me ~ yes! you read it right! its a GIRL! alhamdulillahhh ~ the shopaholic in me just went wild!! (thank god baru confirm at 36 weeks so takde laa damage bnyk sgt ~ sure ke??) hee~~

anyways, my latest obsession is Cloth Diapers! I cant really recall how I actually decided to cloth diaper my 2nd, but the decision has been made and the damage already has been done! so I better stick with it ~

at first, my HUGE problem was ~ I have ZERO knowledge about CD .. like completely nada ~ so when I start googling about CD with the intention of buying, I was completely overwhelmed by the types and choices they have ~ pockets, AIO, AI2, fitted, hemp, MF, bamboo inserts, soakers ~ I was like ~ what is this man?!?!! I knew I had to do research and a lot of reading too~~ the only friend also business partner who I knew CD her son was away in Guangzhou ~~ so I was left no one ~ or so I thought ~ turns out my cousin Molly also CD her daughter, and my other cousin Kak Yan, was planning to use CD for her 2nd child (she's 7month preggers now) and there is a group in FB for CD parents that supports each other ~ alhamdulillah ~ after 2 days of intense research and reading ~ I can say ~ I can answer all the basic Q about CD :) 

BUT then I realized, CDs are expensive!! I mean for a beginner like me, its gonna cost me a lot! in the long run ~ mmg jimat ~ but the initial part ~ I read, for a newborn, you have to at least have 36-48 pieces coz newborns poops a lot! you dont wanna buy too many of the nb size coz they will outgrow the CD very fast, so many opt for OS but a lot of parents get dissapointed when the OS are too big for a newborn and can cause leakage ~ dilemma dilemma ~ I read the first few weeks will be challenging ~ esp for those parents who are used to DD (disposable Diapers) , and I was scared that I would be discouraged if there are too many bumps in my CD journey, but buying a lot of newborn size would be a waste pulak kan, a local/economical nb CD would cost around RM20-25 per piece , as for the imported ones would cost about RM50 above! thats a lot man!! even if I start with 10 pieces ~ 

so I googled ~ and guess what ~ theres a lot of tutorials out there on how to make your own CD!! I was so happy feeling like a little girl getting dolls and candies!! felt like going out beli kain and trus buat!! but, I held my excitement, chatted with a few CD makers on fb to make sure I get the right material and stuff, yelaa...because Im making for a baby kan ~ tak bleh sebarangan ~ after puas hati with all the info I got, terus ajak en suami p kamdar after our checkup kat PCMC that day ~ and that was rush hour org balik kerja ~ he was so mad sbb sangkut dalam jam ~ T___T tapi takpelaa kan...asalkan wifey happy kannn... :)

this is where I got all crazy looking at tutorials : click here

this is the tutorial that I used : click here

I made one piece that night, and compared it to the newborn DD i already bought ~ just to check the size ~ and its the same size!! yeay!!

the next few days were ~ wake up ~ CD making ~ meeting clients ~ CD making ~ cooking ~ CD making .. every spare time I have its for CD making ~ and I made 30 pieces in 4 days!! not bad huh? punya laa tak sabar kannn~~

I made the CDs step by step, so that I wouldnt get discouraged and I know I would have to finish all the CDs compared if I were to make them one by one ~ agak baru sampai 15 pieces dah tak larat nak continue kot ~ coz trust me ~ it was challenging to my 36w pregnant body to complete all 30sets ~ there were times that I wanted to stop ~ tapi since kain dah potong kan and dah halfway jahit so had to teruskan~  takpelaa demi anak kann :) hee~~

so in pictures ~ here's basically what I did

step 1 - admiring the pretty pretty cloth that I bought for semangat !! haha 

btw: these are cotton flannel bought at Kamdar Jalan Tar ~

30 pieces ~ about 4m of printed (Rm6.80/m) and 8m of plain (RM5.50/m)

step 2 - made the template - I made one for new born ~ 1 small size

but I only made the NB size ~ 

step 3 - cut all the fabrics ~ 

step 4 - sew the oval pads (this one is in the inside so takde masalah benang kale lain or the colors dont match)

step 5 - arranging all the layers according to color then match it with the layer with the oval pads, I sandwiched 3 layers of flannel for this CD , outer, inner and the middle part with oval pads 

it will make sewing much more easier if you pre-arrange it by color ~ takdelaa asek nak tukar benang jer kan~~

step 6 - sew the edges - this one if you're rajin ~ can use a coordinating thread ~ but if malas (mcm moi) pakai jer benang kale ape pun ~ bukan nampak kat luar ~~ hehe ~~ plus its faster this way, no need to change threads

step 7 - sew the leg elastic ~ again coz its inside, i didnt use coordinating thread pun

step 8 - turn the CD inside out and arrange according to thread color u want to use

step 9 - top stitch - this part onward dah kene buat ikut color thread ~~

step 10 : sew in the soaker ~

 for nb i just used washcloth lipat 3 ~ according to a lot of blogs I baca ~ as long as you change everytime they pee or poo ~ should be ok ~ for night need extra booster like microfiber or hemp ~ 

step 11 - sew the back elastic :)

and voila you're done! 

owh sorry ~ there should be a step 12 - sew the velcro / snaps - but im just too lazy for that ~ going to use either snappies or nappy pins :) nnti buat the OS punya baru laa pakai snaps ~ coz rasanya nb ni pakai 2-3 month jer :)

now u see why I did the CD step by step ~ 1st its faster doing it this way ~ 2nd ~ i just couldnt afford to stop halfway sbb klu tak nanti langsung takde CD yg siap :) heheehe~~

panjang giler post ni okeh...anyways...i hope for those yang tanya tu..clear about the steps for making CD ni ~ but take note ~ this CD is fitted type ~ so you need to use it with a cover made by PUL/Wool/TPU klu tak nnti bocor ~ I'm just gonna buy the cover sbb dah tak larat nak menjahit ~~ hehe...penatttt weyyhh!! plus its so hard to find PUL material in malaysia ~ semua online ~ but u dont really need a lot ~ like 5-6 jer so okey laa kan (going to go to tiny tapir to get the Thristies cover ~ read great reviews about it!) plus boleh pakai lama the cover so tak ralat laa nak beli trus ~~ 

need to get some other boosters also ~ untuk malam ~ also liners so that senang cuci :)

what else? 


if you are a newbie like me, you can go to HERE to read more about CD ~ the info kat sini mmg teramatlaa berguna and can say almost lengkap laa :) it took me one whole day nak perabihkan semua :)

if you have any Q just drop me a comment or email k :)

Aisyah Samsudin
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shera said...

aisyah, sgt rajin ok.

untung aisyah junior :)

tuty said...

cantik sgt material dia. very girly! :) dah lama pun tak pegi kamdar. the last time i checked ada 2-3 je flowery design. paisley of course x ada.

anyway, since u did not use PUL for this nb size, so you'll need diaper cover, no?

Rose said...

aisyah....rose penah terbaca yg aisyah penah buatkan baby kwn aisyah blanket...bleh bgtau tak materials yg aisyah guna....nak try juga buat satu untuk baby...

aiesya said...

kak tuty, yes, cover beli jer ~ kain PUL nyer tak sampai lagi ~ ade 1 meter jer :)

Rose, aisyah guna semua cotton :) mostly designer cotton yg aisyah order dr US :)