Sunday, July 8, 2012

dont be selfish

Online businesses are all the rage these days. We even see our friends on facebook slowly coming up with advertisements to promote the stuff their selling. Be it ready stock items like scarfs, baby clothes, apparels or pre-orders like shoes and even services as tailoring, or taking orders from overseas. I dare say that at least 40% of my friends on my friend list are selling something.

Many are starting to make extra income. People from so many different backgrounds. Teachers, engineers, clerks, accountants, and even CEOs are doing this..

Yet, there are still people who says that, I dont need to make extra income. I have enough.

I normally just keep quiet when people say that, malas.

plus, I understand. If I do the math and budget, yes, what me and hubs are earning now, we have enough. Alhamdulillah...

but for me, making extra money, its not about NOW, its about the future (obviously) and the WHAT IFs...

what if my kids get sick and I need to upfront a huge amount of money for him to get the treatment? yes of course we have the insurance and the medical card, but honestly, this insurance thing when it comes to emergencies, it could be quiet tricky.

what if something happened to my car and need major repairs (yes, I've once caused my father to fork up RM4k to repair my moms car caused I wrecked it pretty bad- hey we dont want accidents to happen ~ but thats why its called an accident right??) - insurance? again ~ tricky!

what if my house got broke in and everything gets stolen? T___T

what if my siblings desperately needs my help financially, and I dont have the money to give them.

what if my spouse died?

what if the economy goes bad again, and you lose your job?

theres a lot of what ifs .. it might happen, it might not... who knows? but are we prepared financially? If something happens, do we have the money? sure we have our family members to help. but what if they cant?  we dont know their financial situation. right. are we willing to put our kids life in someone else hands? let them decide if our kid can have that treatment they so desperately need?

then there's the future,

do you honestly think, 5 years down the road that you will be spending the same amount that you would be spending now?

kids education for example, now maybe all you need is RM250 for their nursery/playschool/pre-school ~ but as they grow up, you'd be adding tuition, school uniforms, co-curriculum uniforms , exercise books (mind you its not cheap!) , allowances, the occasional field trips, sports day outfits, projects ~ thats at least another few hundred.

then there's groceries, one simple eg, now beras 5kg is enough for 1 month, by then at least 10kg for 1 month ~ growing kids eat a lot ok! ~ if you add here and there a bit, wont it be at least a couple of hundred jugak?

and fuel, now its for work and jalan2 during weekends. then it would be work, sending and fetching the kids to and from school, weekends and also ad-hocs - "mom I need to go to my friends house for a project" .. if you think that wont add to your fuel consumption. think again.

yes, you have increment in your salary, but if the expenses is increased by 50% , but your salary increase by even 45% (in 5 years i could be possible) ~ how do you accommodate the other 5% ?  5% if not rm5. 5% could be rm200 or rm500 ~ if every month you're short of rm200 pun ~ then how?

that's why for me, extra income is not an option. ITS A MUST. not necessarily for now, but for the future...

and if you say, kan savings yg dok buat sekarang ada, I ask you, If you keep on using that savings, you think it wont finish up? then what about the days when you are not working?

I heard somewhere someone said  "Org yang cakap duit tak penting adalah orang yg pentingkan diri sendiri"


coz when we make money, its not only for us, but also our loved ones.

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

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