Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pureen Stock Clearance !!


a few tips :

*come early - the crowd is going to be crazy!

* pregnant ladies - please bring your husbands or someone to help you ~ last time pergi masa preggie cam nak pengsan!!

* leave your kids at home!

* que is gonna be longggg - come with your phone/tab/ipad fully charged!!

* bring your own hand trolley

* serbu part baju dulu ~ crazy cheap ~ will finish very2 fast (most choice for below 1 year - newborn baju selai rm3 pun ade!)

* review says diapers yg Premium 5 is comparable to MamiPoko! but wayyyy cheaper!! (last time sales 48pc only RM24) - I have yet to try ~ klu larat maybe pergi ~

* make a list of what you want to buy first ~ mmg rambang mata kat sana nnti :)

*** ade org kata murah rm4-5 rm jer dari luar ~ not worth the Q ~ baik beli kat supermarket ~ if you go buy 1-2 barang jer ~ mmg tak berbaloi ~ but if you want to buy a lot like diapers, toiletries- powder, baby wash, lotion, bottle detergent, baby clothes detergent, baby wipes, baju baby etc.. mmg worth ~ klu 1 barang save rm5 ~ 10 barang dah rm50, 20 brg dah rm100!! thats 4 more packs of diapers weyhh!! why pay retail when you can buy at less? :)

hope hubs setuju nak pergi ~ want to get diapers untuk aqil skali ~ taktau laa korang perasan ke tak ~ but now Petpet and Diapers dah sama harga ngan Mamipoko ~ seriously ~ T___T

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

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syeema said...

Use cloth diaper la aisyah.. :)