Sunday, June 5, 2011

maxi skirt for sale

eversince I made the maxi (circle) skirt, everyone tanya amek tempahan the time no..sbb i couldnt find material yg sesuai nak buat..if nak buat guna the same material like mine - silk crepe...mau sehelai rm200..lagi skrg ni harga silk dah naik 30% .. sbb yg circle skirt tu uses 4.5 meters! sbb itu mahal.....but if ur willing to pay, i can quote harga for u :)

even now, nak cari material yg elok dengan flow yg cantik...mmg susah sbb yg nice materials sume had to find a different patern untuk reduce the usage of the fabric so boleh bagi harga yg berpatutan...

so i found this fabric..takdelaa murah...but cantik n ok laa the price...not too hard on the wallet...and i found a different patern...i think its called the princess cut...

so now...I've made 9 pieces to sell ( I obviously took one for myself!) hee...

details :

size : free size but i think should fit size 8-12 uk

length = average of 35.5 inch

colours : pink, blue, brown, maroon, peach

price : rm89 ( + postage rm6)

peach - 2 available

brown - 1 available
1 reserved - pending for payment

blue - 2 available

maroon - 2 available
1 available

pink - 2 available

anything just sms or inbox me k!


i'll try take a picture of myself wearing the skirt..nnti upload lain..insyaAllah...



nurul_7155 said...

hai,..if i give the kain u tlg jahitkn bape upahnyerr,:p

Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

nakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!! but i dont wear skirt.. how laaa? tapi nak! can u pls pick one for me? any colour yg ko rasa ok ngan aku.. hehe! thanks babe! but I cant transfer duit now sbb cant request TAC no, my celcom no is not working dah.. mcm mana? or i will buy anything yang u want to kirim from here.. boleh? hehe!