Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hong Kong Trip 2011 :: Gala Dinner

date| 18062011

theme| red dress

places| L'Hotel Nina Ballroom

outfit| dress :: my own creation,  shawl :: jalan TAR

the Dinner started with a modern lion dance which was super cool to watch sbb siap ade breakdance skali...

then there was this girl going thru the tables salam2..but i was more interested in the food....dah tak nak tau bende lain because i was sooooo hungry!!

then once they announced that the girls could start off taking the food....Izyan and I were the first at the buffet! No kidding! hahaha...

so anyways...since I was so hungry..no pictures of the food...but after having our dinner....

we rock!

the girls

close up

we were looking for dance moves for a vidoe clip..

the girls with Kak Ana

I love these gurls...

me and Iffa syiok sendiri

Hanis and I

with Salha my greatest leader!

The Ones I love the most 

Robot walk

still looking for moves...cant wait for the clip!!

aisyah samsudin

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