Monday, June 20, 2011

Hong Kong Trip 2011 : Day 1

after this post there will be a series of post about my Hong Kong trip...just so that I will jot down everything I remember about the trip while its still fresh in my memory...please bare with me....and i do hope u enjoy my posts about the trip :)


date| 16062011

places| KLIA . Hong Kong Airport . Ladies Market . Star Avenue . Big Bus Tour

theme| Green

outfit| Green Dress by myself . Black Cardi^thai flee market . Shawl n Inner^Jln TAR n Arzu

We reached KLIA at 530am and went straight to KFC bcoz hubs was so hungry..he didnt eat anything the whole day the day before... then we gathered at counter L16 to check in and received our boarding pass, backpacks (sponsored by the company) and the itinerary for our trip....

took some pictures, went thru immigration and boarded at 9am ;) 

during the flight, layan cerita "from prada to nada" which was so-so...and had nasi lemak for breakfast/brunch..hubs slept the whole way coz he didnt sleep at all...he went to work at 8 am..and finished work at 4am...itu pun coz we had to leave at 430 to catch the first train to KLIA from KL central...giler betul.,..

sampai jer Hong Kong, jumpa our travel guide kat sana..and went straight to Ladies Market...!! yess...first day trus shopping...Ladies market ni lebih kurang macam petaling street..but the stuff there lagi advance dari PS kita...since it was our first day there..beli souvenirs pun tak bnyk..just for my future business partners and adek2 jer...didnt spent much sbb tak sure the next places yg bakal pergi tu ade ole2 yg lagi best kan...tak bnyk amek gambar kat sini coz sebok tgk barang.. :) 

then we had lunch at an indian restaurant at Granville Square...terlupa amek gambar becoz we were so hungry..heee....but the food was nice....

lepas tu bergerak ke star avenue to wait for our Big Bus Tour...kat star avenue ni we could see the view of hongkong island tak silap...mmg cantik giler...the lights all....ade gambar kat bawah..masa ni mmg ambek gambar tak ingat coz there was nothing else to do... ;p

area where all the high class condo are...ade yg bayar HKD 185 million for a 3 storey penthouse kat condo ni...giler kan..

the peninsula hotel...hotel ni mmg mahal gilerr...and mmg dari luar pun nmpk exclusive giler..

after Big Bus Tour tu trus balik ke hotel....gambar2 hotel dalam entry lain k :)

the first night tu ingat nak jalan2 but end up sleeping early coz we were so tired from the journey and all....maka kol 1030pm dah out.. ;p

thats all for the first day... :)

aisyah samsudin

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