Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i cant waittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cant believe that tinggal another 15 days jer till Hong Kong!!!!!!!!

I know for some..alaa...HK jer pun...but for me.. ITS 4 DAYS OF FOC EVERYTHING!!!!

a honeymoon i wished for..every single thing paid for

The Flight

The Hotel

The Meals

The Tour

EVERYTHING is already paid for by the company.....klu g melancong sendiri...semua pun budget2 kan..but not this time...everything VVIP...

Flight naik MAS

Meals kat restaurants yg makanan kompom semua sedap2

Tour 4 days - 1st day F&E kot, 2nd day - whole day in Disneyland (ticket masuk disneyland all inclusive) , 3rd day - shopping at few famous places to shop in HK , 4rd day - tak ingat..heeee... ;p

and the Hotel... Disneyland Hotel !!!! I've heard so many good things about it!! 3 nights at a 5 STAR hotel!!!! FREE~!!!!! 

and paling best.... with my HUSBAND....!!!! (no aqil!) 

dah lama tak berdua jer...and i believe its important for every married couple yg dah ade anak untuk spent time just berdua... masa ni laa nak layan husband habis2an kan...klu tak asek anakkk jer yg jadi no 1.. ;)

and going on a trip not using a cent of your money or your husbands? Score!!! 

did i mention... 5 STAR HOTEL ??? Score!!!


Next FOC trip is Venice people!!!!! Jom laaa sama2 pergi...Italy kot!! Free Of Charge !!!!!

aisyah samsudin

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Anonymous said...

Eleh...nnt da sampai HK, first nite mst da nak nangis rindu aqil... ex or ex or... el o el...