Monday, September 14, 2009


adoii..its been a while since I last much to write, yet so lazy to type..hmm..

last week was a mess..I was involved in the Raya Deco Competition at my office [yeah I know, very lame!], after only 2 days doing very2 minor work [ cutting cardbox, pasting paper, cutting paper - most of them I did by sitting down on the floor!] my whole body was muscles were such in pain that I cried climbing up the stairs at home..crazy kan? I felt so mad at myself, like seriously??? I cant be that weak right??? Its not like I had to climb to hang anything or had to carry any heavy was only paper cutting!!! I did much more hard work in the past, but never once I felt the pain like I did last week..I could barely walk to the loo when I needed to..hubs had to hold me up for me to walk and go pee.. doc said maybe my muscles were dehydrated [i wasnt fasting!], or I'm not taking enuf calsium..owhh..that explains..

[i sound so angry eyyy?? but I was...maybe more frustrated then mad..its just, kesian hubs..nvm]

ok..ok...skip to the happy was lil sis birthday last Saturday...yeay!! Happy Birthday sis! hehe...didnt know what to give her for her birthday so I just brought her to OU to go shopping, first stop Levis, she needed a new jeans, since she lost some weight and now she's been wearing my jeans coz her's does not fit well anymore..she loved my jeans so much that she decided that she wanted the exact same jeans as mine...hmm..i guess we have to sew on our initials on our jeans so it wont get mixed up..but wait..we even have the same huhuhu~~

then we went to Charles & Keith and she bought her very 1st wedges, she insisted on buying something with height [i was trying to persuade her to buy flats because i dont see her in heels], but I guess my lil sis is all growned up, wanting her own heels, plus she said, "baju kurung kene pki dengan heels".. ok laa dik..u win!

I ended up buying her nothing for her birthday since ayah gave me money to buy her those stuff, we did not have much time after C&K because it was already 6.15pm, and we were suppose to pick up my bestie Jyue at 6pm! heheh...I think we spent like almost an hour in C&K..anyways...more duit raya for you laa lil sis ok? then u can buy something yourself.. ;p

On Sunday, me, mom n nadia went to ampang park (lil sis had tuition) to search for baju kurung, but at the end of the day, only nadia got her baju ended up with 5 pairs of shoes, a couple of bling-bling and 6 scarfs!!! just a pair of terompah and a pair of vintage looking earing :( .. huhu.. there were LOTS of pretty baju kurungs, mmg rambang mataku..but nothing really caught my eyes [or suited my budget]..I did fell in love with one green baju kurung, but it was rm400! I am so not spending that much on a baju raya, which I know at the end of the day, my baju will be spoiled with kuah kacang n thanks! so I guess, no baju raya this year..hehe..whatever~~ I'm not 10 years old anymore.. ;p

and lastly, yesterday, I more spicy food for me..huhu~~ gastrik beb!!

adoiiiii..... ~~~~


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m@Ri@ said...

em ikut2nya thn ni mmg takdak bj ry utk end up terbeli still in budget..beli yg ready made je..huhu..