Thursday, September 3, 2009

a kingdom of dreams

I love reading.

It doesnt matter what genre it is, as long as its interesting.

but I must say, I enjoy romance the most. [that must explains why I am the way I am ?]

out of all the romance novels I've read, for me, Judith Mcnaught is the best author ever! She writes the most heavenly romance stories of all time! You just get so absorbed in her writings that nothing else matters...

I do love all her books [i think there's about 15-17 in total] , but my absolute favourite would be..


I dont know why, but I just love the story which was plotted in the 14th century. I get fascinated by the way she describes the gowns, the jewels, the castles, the details of every scenery..the trees and bushes and flowers, and of course, the titles of the characters..when there were still dukes and dutchess and earls and marqueses...I love how she plays with the emotions, I would cry, laugh, smile, feel the pain.....and the love...owh the love....I just cannot put into words to describe the feeling of the love...hmmmm... ;)

I cant remember how many times I've read this book...but everytime I do..I always feel like reading it again..and again..and again...

ok stop.. ;p



aynzan said...

I love reading too! This reminds me of the author Babara Cartland,Whose stories were woven around kings, Dukes, Castles and romance!

Lea Shmea said...

hi there. my frens & i totally adore JMN novels! we've been reading them since high school days & i can say, we won't ever get tired of them. :))

aiesya said...

aynzan : Babara Cartland? will take a look at her book the next time im in MPH

Lea: i feel the same way too!!