Monday, September 7, 2009

on a public holiday

its 416pm...and I'm still at work..on a Public Holiday!!!

my fingers have been dancing on the keyboard from 715am..non stop..and they are begging at me to stop..

my head is spinning and hurting like I've just been on a triple loop roller coaster ride..

my muscles are aching everywhere..

it seems like forever in this office and I feel like I've done TONS of work today, but yet...I still have TONS left..should I stay or just continue tomorrow?


feel like dragging hubs to any shopping mall on the way back...but is it wise? to spend on stuff I do not need just to ease my stress?

but then again, one single, cheap, pretty in pink lipgloss wont hurt, right?

I want to sleep!!!!




Anonymous said...

Lip gloss? Petals u mean? Hehe


astalavista said...
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~HAWA~ said...

Salam Aisyah...

1st of all..pls accept my late congratulations on your pregnancy..take a gud care of your baby.. eat a lot kurma & kekacang...good 4 baby's mind..we meet again after bump in at SSF(br tau blog aisyah..hehhe)..a sweet couple of u & ur husband.

hopefully aisyah still can make the tudung nikah for my big day...ehehhehe..till we meet again..take care salam kt mak...

Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

buy that one single, cheap, pretty in pink lipgloss that wont hurt u tuuu!! and get lotsss and lotsss of sleep.. hehe! :D