Wednesday, September 30, 2009


i just love it when Karma does its job..



on a diff note,

bought a new mascara online from MIU, received the package yesterday. *grin*. tried in on today and i loveeeee it!! She gave me a cute sweet of her..havent tried it yet.hmm..maybe this weekend...;) thanks Miu!

Stage Divine Lash Mascara
( I love their eyeliner too!! but already gave mine to mom!got to buy myself a new one!)

** expecting another package tomorrow...urgghh...d*mn u online shopping!gotta stop before i get addicted..wait..i think i am!!! huaaaaa!!!!!!!!



Suzie said...

aisyah dah jd mcm kak suzie,once involved it's hardly to quit.mmg keja dok beli segala dari online store from handbag,kasut,baju sampai la ke kek lapis!

ni dah mmg btl2 addicted!adoyaii!!

aiesya said...

tu laa kak suzie...aisyah cam gatal tangan nak order macam2...bahaya2....;p