Wednesday, September 16, 2009


i'm sad about something, just found out about it like 5 sec ago..hmm.....

raya is just around the corner but im not in any raya mood yet...

i did do some shopping tho..brought lil sis to carrefour wangsa maju, she got a really nice baju kurung which big sis picked out for her, of course! accidently bought myself 3 pairs of cotton baju kurung.. was selling really cheap ok! plus, i think i'd be wearing more baju kurung after this since my baby bump is already its kinda like an investment..[?]

bought a gold ring using my mas kahwin, but of course hubs had to chip in a bit price is so expensive now eyh!!

i dont know why but since last week i have the sudden urge to dress up..i've been wearing baju kurung with matching scarfs [thanks mom!] hehehe..normally I would wear everything with a black scarf, but..hmm...and ohhh...I wear foundation,eyeliner and lip gloss too!!! hehehe..everyday hubs will ask me.. "cantik2 ni ade ape kat office?" ... [apekah tandanya itu?] :)

owh..received my dresses that i ordered from !! they're pretty!!!!! going to wear one for raya.. ;) still figuring out the best accesories for the dress..hmm...nvm..i still got 2 more days.. ;)

hmm...bilaa laa nak cuti ni..buhsan nyer keje... :(

raya 2008 in AS, hmm...can I be pregnant but still have the same figure.. T___T

opss.. Salam Aidilfitri all!! sorry for any wrong like crazy, drive safely and have fun with your loved ones! ;)



Memey Anuar said...

suka berdandan maksudnya nk dpt baby boy kot hehe
org kata terbalik kan :D

aiesya said...

tu laa psal kan...

member pun ckp camtu..

hehehe...tak kesah pun..janji sihat.. ;)

m@Ri@ said...

sy semakin malas berdandan skrg...tudung tak beriron pun bedal je p kedai..huhu..