Friday, September 4, 2009

i - cannot - decide !!! please help !!!

I've been browsing thru blogshops to find new pieces to wear since all of my clothes now are either too tight or too short...I am now mostly in my hubs long sleve tshirts or my mom's loose tops..when I go out I dont feel like dressing up too much because hmmm..I dont have cute tops to wear that fits me right [not that I go out much]
I dont have the time nor the energy to shop as I used to so I've been searching thru countless of blogshops, but cant seem to find something I really like.. [i am fussy when it comes to my own money! ;p]
My idea for a perfect top must be long sleve, long enuff to cover my big bum andd...have a girly touch to it..
Then I stumbled upon , for the first time [ok laa not laa first time, but within my budget ;p], I found something I really like..well to put it right...I found a LOT of pieces that I really thats a problem dont know which one to pick...all of the pieces look adorably cute..but I sure cant buy all [how i wish], now let me see...
i love the lines on this, it will make me look slimmer.. ;p
these two I love because of the graphic on it, i think I prefer the black..but..hmm..the white is nice also..
i like the patern on this one..
love the sleves..arent they adorable?
this one i like because of the wrap thingy..but i dont think it'll fit me.. :(
again, the stripes..and the colour..nyumm..

love the combination of the colour... if only i could get this for raya..
the patern looks like it was painted using soft brushes... ;)

this i love the colour..and the patern..
hmm...these items are pre-order and it closes this monday 7th Sept...I must make my decision quick..but ....... urgghh...I just cant choose....can I just buy all..???
Opinion please?
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Adam Dewind said...

The first dress is adorable.
The fourth, really sexy.
The fifth gives off an air of softness, homeliness, and it certainly is sexy - love the way it fits the form - particularly accentuates the shoulders, and the round neck line is just perfect!

Yes, I realise I'm making opinions on dresses. Yes, I am perfectly straight.

syu_hidayah said...

buy all :)

Suzie said...

i opt for dress 5720 n black wrap tu simply gorgeous!

sarah al -idrus said...

suka yg third one tu

TyracShop said...

Hye babe =)

Take care...

hajarJazz said...

kak aisya.. yg 5760 n 5796 tu lawooooo...

aiesya said...

adam: huhu~~ yeah yeah..ur straight [?]

kak syu: sume? u blanje ;)

kak suzie : tu arh..tapi tu tak serve purpose plak..sbb nanti perutnya membulat kan.. ;p

sarah: suka jugak!

kak tyrac: jgn tutup dulu order eyh..arini nak order..hehehe~~

hajar: 5796 tu definitely nak amek! ;)

thanks all for the suggestions.. ;)