Thursday, September 24, 2009

and she's a mom now... ;)

a close cousin of mine just gave birth to a baby girl... ;)

Hannah Ellyssa

Both mother and baby are doing fine... :)

I am so happy for her!! cannot believe she's a mom seems like just yesterday we were still in our teens..gossiping about boys and doing super crazy stuff..huhu~~

Congrats Molly!! hugs and kissess to your new born... (if you're reading this!)

eiiii....cannot wait for my next trip to Johor...

2 down, 2 to go... (i'll be aswita...hmm..2011 insyaAllah?? ;p)

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iTaSaZmIn said...

2008- kak yan, 2009 - molly, 2010 - aiesya, 2011 - ita... yeay!!! insyaALLAH :-)

cik kak, sila la upload ur latest pix.. seriusly nak tgk gambar perut u.. sure cute hehehehe :-p