Thursday, July 2, 2009

I miss my PB !!!!

It sounds stupid. I know.

But I truly do miss it!!!!

I miss the way I look in it..

I miss the way I feel in it..

I miss the way I sit in it..

and I definitely miss how I lose weight in it!!

Tgk Kak fiza looking sooo hot in her kebaya makes me feel so envy of her!!

Her hips already looks smaller than before (she was wearing a white pants yesterday-but still!)

But then again - I love being pregnant too!! hehehe

I guess I can live another 7 month wothout my PB.. ;)

Btw people, anyone interested in getting one for themselves?

We've got stocks available!!

U can contact my business partner, Kaem at phoenix_jnc[at]yahoo[dot]com

or me.. aisyah (hehe) at escallonia08[at]yahoo[dot]com

for those who have no idea what Im talking about...

It's just about the most hot selling CORSET in the market..!!!


dont believe me?


I told you! hehe ~~

So, what ur waiting for?!?! Hurry~~ get urs noww!!!! wearing PB is simply the best!!



sarah al -idrus said...

nanti dah keja boleyla cari akak.hehe

Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

babe!! thanks tolong promote.. business partner?? sounds nice, loveee it! hehe!

ohh yes! please contact us if u want to try PB... seriously berbaloi, insyaallah :)