Monday, July 6, 2009

lets have some fun!

firstly, my workload today is like crazyyy!

plus my head is spinning like non-stop

and already vomited 3-4 times.

so, obviously, no mood for work! [but still had to do work coz got cutoff today - definitely struggled during the process of finishing it!]

and now, i just cant concentrate, so what best to do?

surf! and find fun stuff to play with.

found while reading this blog.

mcam fun i tried it out!

yup!!!! ;)

so here is how fab I WISH I could dress up everytime I go out :


a pink girly-girl top, necklace and bracelets, cool shades, a-big gorgeous handbag and in heels.

but, I'll always end up wearing something like this :


jeans, long sleeve t-shirt, a huge black bag that i stuf everthing in! and flip flops

or something like this :

ME 2

yoga pants, tank top with a stripped cardigan, a-huge black bag [again] and of course, flip flops.

why? because its just the easiest and the most comfortable outfit ever! hehehe ~~

I'm the type of person who definitely choose comfort over style! ;)

But I DO..once in a blue moon, force myself to wear something like the 1st outfit, just not as often as I would love too.

lagipun, every girl does want to look pretty right?

but, its just too much hastle. lol ~~

I need new shoes!!!
Almost slipped 4 times today! twice in the toilet, twice outside the toilet!
Luckily didnt fell and hurt my self or anything. [i have always been the accident-prone girl!]
But, I dont feel like shopping at all now!!! Or going to any mall..
Odd?? yupz..I'm surprised myself! but its true!!!

gosh~~ [boleh tak kelip mata then kasut tu muncul jer depan mata! malasnyerr~~]


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