Thursday, July 9, 2009

We Are The World!

I must admit. I was not that affected by MJ's death.

I did read about this and that. And opened E! News occasionally to know the updates.

But that was that. I definitely didnt cry. Or go downloading all his songs. Or went googling about his past life or whatever.

Dont get me wrong. I LOVE his songs.Especially Heal The World and You Are Not Alone. And I do think HE IS THE KING OF POP. But I dunno. Maybe just not a huge fan.

But then, yesterday, flipping thru the channels, 8Tv was showing his memorial or tribute or something. They were singing We Are The World.

Gosh! I think the last time I listened to this song was during my Uni years. [I used to LOVEDD this song!! to bits!]

So today, I googled, and YouTubed, and I've been playing and watching this clip all day long! [managers had meeting the whole day! ngeh ngeh ngeh~~] Silly me!


[uploaded by rachies on September 16, 2005 in]

Dont you just LOVE seeing how all the singers sing their part ~~ and how nice they sound? and how great it is for them to work together for a great cause? Hmm.

Well I do. a lot!

R.I.P MJ !



sarah al -idrus said...

hi.lamenye tak update?
mcm mana dgn baby? okey? sihat?

aiesya said...

nak update but cannot write..
otak cam kene block
on off fever since last wednesday..

baby sihat..;)

thanks for asking! ;)

eshmy said...

hi aiesya!!

i actually knew bout ur blog for some time but malu nk comment.. tp i ada leave comment before..

anyway keep in touch k.. n take care of urself.. congrats again..