Sunday, July 26, 2009


hub has gone to Kalimantan this morning..[again]..

but this time..for 3 weeks!!!!

= 20 days!!!!

everytime terjaga last night...(like a 100 times!)

I was crying..telling him not to go...sian die serba salah jadinya..

I depend on him A LOT since I got pregnant..

He cooks, he cleans, he washes, he drives, he keeps me strong when I feel down..

He even layan my stupid requests and rengekans...

Now he's away....

I almost didnt wanna let him go this morning..

Nasib baik mak ade kat bawah...if not mesti nangis gilerrr!!


drama queen?

SUKATILA!!! emo nihhh~~

abang..if ur reading this..I miss you already! so much!


die teman shoppingku juge! ;)

*i cannot even remember the last time i drove the car..dasyatkan?*



Suzie said...

alalala ciannya dia...keep strong ye,aisyah mesti boleh pnya.

aiesya said...

thanks kak..insyaAllah.. :)

Razali Zain said...

in July 2007, when Hanis was about 8 months pregnant for Hariz. I had to travel to Ireland for 1 month. At first we thought everything was ok coz I plan to bring her along!. BUT, since she was too close to her due date upon travelling back to Malaysia. The airlines declined to allow her to travel.

So we used webcams... chat, skype/jajah... to talk and see each other everyday!. At the same time, Hanis picked up some new hobbies to pass the time -> scrapbooking!

My point here, try to do something while ur hubby is abroad... and get a webcam if you don't have one already =P

Best of luck!

Sue said...

salam singgah. comel nye both of u. suke tgk.. hehe

aiesya said...

raz: thanks! ;)

sue: hehe~~ shy laa~~ thanks ;)