Friday, July 24, 2009


been having the flu, coughing and on-off fever for more than a week now.

people say "jgn layankan sangat".

but when my nose is running, my throat is itching n hurting and my head feels like its gonna explode.

please dont say that.


i am not faking it.

and I am definitely not "layan'ing"

I just cant help it!

I wish it goes away! Fast!

*sorry for being emo and not writing for a long time.cannot get myself to write anything in this condition*

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sarah al -idrus said...

tula.kak aiesya lama tak update.

samala.sarah pon tak sihat pedih tekak je. then bersin2. huhuh

The Queen Bee said...

get well soon babe!

aiesya said...

sarah: makan ubat cepat2..jgn bagi ni takleh nak makan ubat..tu yg meleret2 bp hari ni..huhu~~

hanis: thanks babe! rindu giler nak g kelas..tapi mmg skrg ni tak larat gilerr...

salha said...

wooo..i pun benci flu...hate it..hate it...
get well soon..

Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

babe! get well soon.. skang ni mmg crucial time to really take care of your health :)