Monday, May 18, 2009

a 3 day weekend

read cu's and kak syu's blog..missed a family gathering and makan2..jealous?!?! yupz of course!! makan2 with the Wans are always a blast!! but worry not..there are always more to come..thats one thing that I can always count on..our family do love to eat2..hehehe.. ;)


last weekend went back to Kulai, Hubs hometown..not much to write..just that it was Jaja's (my niece - adoiii!! tua dah aku nih!!) Birthday..her mom was busy with her school's Teachers day tak sempat nak celebrate besar2..or bwk I decided to buy a bday cake for her..sajer jerr...she's I said b4..birthdays are important for me..lagipun..a girl deserves at least a cake for her bday right? bought a simple cake (there wasnt much choice in Kulai anyways..)..had a small session of nyanyi2 and tiup2 lilin...and of course makan kek! (sedap plak kek tu..nyesal beli yang kecik jer..hehehe)..nways...

the birthday girl...ade gambar die tutup lilin..but the pic is a bit dark sbb mase tiup lilin tu tutup lampu.. ;p

ni pulak adek die..he's like soooooo.....adorable!! geram betul!! tapi suka betul melanyak org..bape kali kene smack down dengan ini budak! hehe~~

ini adek dia lagi..nama nya Md Noor..kiut jer ikat tali kat lori tuh..then lari2 keliling rumah!! suka balik Kulai sbb suasana betul2 kampung..hehe.. ;p

Hubs pun suka balik Kulai (of course laa kan..Kg diee!! ) hehe..hmm tu seluar tu kenape ntah basah..ade jer..mandi kolam laa..main lumpur tak berani sgt keluar rumah...angsa kat situ suka kejar org..aritu kena kejar angsa..menjerit aku satu kampung dgr!!! huh!!


Yesterday, I was on leave..the actual plan was suppose that both of us took that can lepak Kulai a bit longer..balik Monday..but then last minute Hubs had a very2 important meeting and had to prepare paperwork n report ape ntah for the he cancelled his, but mine was already approved by my manager, so cuti sorang2 laa aku...!!

But, ok laa...had the chance to kemas rumah..(it was like tongkang pecah when we left it on Friday!!) hehehe...vacumed a bit here and there..did come laundry (still ade 2 basuhan to go - apentah kitorang ni suke sgt tuka2 baju - nasib baik dok berdua jerr...haiihhh...)..watched a little bit of TV..yada yada yada...

Tghr pulak went to Batu Caves to change the corset size for my clients (eheh..kelakar sbut clients sbb most of them are my friends) - terkejut jugak managed to finish all the corsets by a week plus!! (JOM ARR SAPE2 MINAT NAK BISNESS - HIGH DEMAND TAU THE CORSETS!!) - blur2 jugak laa mase g ctu..but the madame there was helpfull...thank god! and terima kasih juga to those yang beli from me and supported me thru out the process!! me luv u guys so much!!!hehehe.. jasa2 kalian dikenang!!! ;)

so, OTW back from Batu Caves, I thought of going to Pasar TTDI, nak hantar baju tempah - kenduri tahun ni - masyaAllah..punye laa bnyak - tu yang nak kene buat baju baru tuh!! hehehe - anyways....TAK JUMPA!!!!!! pusing nak dekat 10 kali...I couldnt find the Pasar!!!! giler tension!!!

Terus g Ikano..ehh ehh...what for..?!?!?! remember this post ? It has finally arrived!!!!! (actually it arrived some time ago - but those people from Sony didnt call - hapentah kan!! - I plak yang kena call tanye dah sampai ke belum!!cehhhh- dah laa tgh marah psal tak jumpe Pasar!!) but when my eyes saw the super scrumptious pink colour of the MP3..terus hati ini happy tak terkira!!!! hehehehe....

My super stylish-cute-adorable-PINK mp3!!!!!!!

(stand itu adlah tempat nak charge the battery!)

Gambar di atas di ambil di ofis..I only had the chance to charge the battery today sbb dirumah tiada PC and hubs pulak forgot to bring back his lappy (next target - buy pink Viao Laptop!! harap2 dengan duit bonus from selling PB!! insyaAllah..)..and harini baru dapat dengar lagu using my MP3..the sound..!?!?!??!!? marvelous!!!! I love my Pink MP3!!!!!!!!!!! ngeh3..

And lastly, I went to Ikea, and bought a frame for my wedding pictures..I developed the pictures last week but didnt have time to do anything with it yet, I bought the biggest frame there so that I can fit all the pictures..but alih2...tak muat, I decided to put only OUR pictures..gambar yang family and friends..simpan dalam album..huhu...sorry guys..maybe next month biler ade budget nak beli frame lagi!! ;p hmm..I actually wanted to make it a project to do with Hubs but hubs came home late last night - 9.20pm!! :( - and diri ini sgt2 tak sabar - so I did it alone - but its Ok - hubs balik suka dia tgk - and I had the freedome to put in MORE of MY pictures..ahahahaha...I am THAT vain people!!!! lol!! so, choosing this and that..arranging here and there....finallyy...tadaaaaaaa.......

cuba lihat betul2..bnyk kan gambar saya!?!?!? hehehe...Hubs said.. "sayang perasan tak..abang ni watak sampingan aje..??" HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA..yeke abang..??sorry.... ;p..nak wat camne..isteri abang ni suka amat tgk muka die sendiri...!!!!! ^_^


ps: Siapa2 yang berminat nak buat bisness - sila email saya di escallonia08[at]yahoo[dot]com - jgn risau! saya pun bukan background bisness - but alhamdulillah - with the blessing from Allah and help from very2 nice people who are eager to help...everything berjalan lancar!!

pss: I need new shoes!!! my one and only crocs - which i wear everywhere - keje - pasar - jalan2 - dah haus tapaknya!!!! - I almost slipped like 3 times already mase di toilet...bahaya sungguh!!!



syu_hidayah said...

hahhaha ..
kesian ali watak sampingan ..
anyhow .. MIL suka ak the telekung?

aiesya said...

tu laa psal..
kecian die..hahaha

yupz..suke amat!!!
thanks nehh!!

[ Hanie ] said...

muhehehe rajinnye die menyusun gambar2 tuuuu :D harus ke ikea juga mau beli frame...aritu baru tgk sikit pun dah menggeletar lutut sbb byk sgt yg berkenan, blom belek btul2 lagi tu :P

aiesya said...


hehehe..rajinlaa sbb muka sendiri..btw..suke sgt the clip u buat tu...and the pictures too!!!thanks eyh!! and the frame..mmg best tgk gambar sendiri di dinding rumah!!! ahahahahah!!!