Monday, May 25, 2009

not a good start!!!!!!


I seriously think this week is going to be a bad one....haha! its only been 2 on earth can I say that..but started off pretty bad..


Yesterday - I was not feeling very well, after lunch hour, went to the doc because I couldnt stand sitting in the office anymore, got mc, wanted to go back..called hubs a zillion times but couldnt reach him - decided to take a cab home - realized I didnt had my house keys with was in the car at hubs place! called again n again..voicemail! - took a cab to hubs place - realize in the cab I only had rm10!! praying like crazy the cab fee below rm10..nasib baik rm7 jerrr..huh! reached hubs place - still couldnt get him - called his office - He went to the clinic! owh ya! forgot he had physiotherapy...searched for the place he did his physio...waited for him at the front area - cantik!! - hubs was surprised to see me - he also got MC - turned out he has a slipped disc!!! aiyoo!!! bad news?!!?! (big bro phychoed me - his friend had something like that - ignored it - lift something heavy - then - crack! - LUMPUH!) - Ya Allah...mintak jauh!!! - now I'm like paranoid..not letting him do any heavy work! I dont mind doing everything as long as he doesnt crack anything..hmm..but hubs doesnt see it that ego! whatever! so back to the story - otw back, went to Salha's to collect some stuff and when wanted to go back - the car couldnt start!!!!!! argghhh!!!! (and I was suppose to meet Den that night to give her PB! Sorry Den!! malam ni yerr!!)


today - our mistake was, when yesterday our car couldnt start, the logic thing to do is to go to the workshop right? but after we managed to start the car [after some time], we went straight home - my defence: I was sick! when this morning the car couldnt start [again!]..mmg padanlaa dengan muka kami right?!?! - so anyways..since hubs had to be in the office early this morning cause he's going off to JB for another audit..terpaksa laa kami naik motor..the problem was, we only had 1 helmet..lucky for us, we had friends who lived in a rumah bujang just a couple of blocks from ours..for sure there must be an extra helmet lying around right..the thing is, nama pun rumah bujang kan...we had to wait for 20 minutes for someone to wake up!!!tensionnyerrr!!but nasib baik laa dapat jugak...hehehe...THANKS FIKH!!!...

so, there I was..behind hubs on his bike, or Belalang Tempur he names IT..freezing cold!!!!!! yelaa..we were'nt planning to naik motor kann....I was in my baju kurung..with no jacket..and it was very2 mendung summoree!!! great...!!nasib baik sampai dengan selamat!!!- Alhamdulillah... ;)

and now..he's off to Johor for 3 days! (alahh...3 hari pun nak kecoh!!!) hehehe..and I'm off to Mom's tonight! - there is no way I'm going to sleep alone! hehe - lucky my next door neighbour works in the same team as I do..tumpang balik yer cik Fifah!!!! jasamu dikenang selalu!! muaahh!!

and owh...lil bro!! (i know ur reading this!) - petang ni pinjam kereta! I need to go to my friends house, business purpose! thanks!!! ( yeee...saya isi minyak kereta!!!) is doing very2 well... ;) interested to know how? ask me at escallonia08[at]yahoo[dot]com

**lets see how the rest of the week turns out yahh!!**

gambar hiasan : late night study kat Lib UUM dulu2 kala..
(adoiii..I miss him already!!!)



Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

malang yang tak keluarkan bau dulu sblm dtg! hehehe...

Fikh said...

Bagi helmet pun mamai x sedar hahahaha...

aiesya said...

hhaha...tu cam nak mampus!