Monday, May 11, 2009


Due to the missing of internet connection at home, my wishes for all the mothers in the world is one day late [better late than never aite?]

my wish is specially for :

MOMMY dearest [of course!] !!!

also to..

My darling aunties!!

You guys are not only the mothers to my cousins but also to me... Those little advices you guys give here and there..thank you!!- walaupun saya ini ketegaq dan keras kepala...saya masih ingat pesanan2 makcik2 sekalian.. ;) I sooooo LOVE spending time with my havoc auntiess!!! Love you guys so so so so much!! -

and of course..

My beautiful grandmother !!

Without her, tiadalah mereka2 di atas...because she is such a great mom to my mother and aunties made my mom and aunties great moms too!!! yeayy!!

and also... to all the mothers in this world...

HAPPY MOTHERS all you wonderful moms out there!!!


just wanted to share this picture...its my cu and my tizah....sweet....this is what sisters are suppose tp look like!!! suke sgt tgk!!! ;)


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