Tuesday, February 12, 2013

so I turned 29 last month

"one more year till I hit the 3 series"

honestly, that was the only thing I was thinking about on my birthday. No joke! I never thought about it before and never knew it was going to be a big deal. I mean, everyone is going to grow up and add years to their age right? no biggie.. but the more I thought about going to be 30, the more depressed I became. I was not in a good mood.

seriously! and this is only my 29th birthday. I dont know what mental state I will be in when the actual 30th birthday comes. I hope I dont do something stupid. Like go fake my ID or something. lol!

So what did I do on my birthday? Since I was depressed (inside. I have a good poker face you know) and the only thing that girls do that make them happy (for a while) is SHOPPING!

sent the kids to my cousin. and I went to Sunway Pyramid to shop for new clothes. Which made me even more depressed when I could fit size M anymore..ok laa...kinda exaggerating here. I could fit M but since my new years resolution is to wear more loose clothing. M is out of the picture. but I did bought that Forever 21 top in M..hmm..cutting kot..

I also had..

Zanmai Sushi!!!!

This is my absolute favorite!! like nothing can beat Zanmai Sushi, whenever hubs and I want to indulge ourselves with expensive food. this is our go-to place! 

and here's the story how I end up getting to eat free Sushi on my birthday

there I was, queuing up to dine at Zanmai Sunway, and I realized, I was the only person alone, everyone else were with a friend, or a group of friends. really didnt help with my depression at the time, so I sms-ed my good friend Ayim (also a good friend of my hubs) who worked nearby asked him if he had gone out for lunch already.. I told him where I was, and being the great friend that he is, he came to my rescue and blanjer me sushi for my birthday..!! Ayim, if you're reading this!! thanks!! :) I would say I love you but thats gonna be kinda weird coz we dont say that stuff to each other despite how close we are. haha..

later that night when I reached home. was staying at moms that week (cant remember why~ well I always am there pun) , mom and dad surprised me with a cake!!! yesss!! I am 29, married with 2 kids still mommy and daddy bought me a cake! gosh! I have the best parents I tell you!

the next day, hubs blanjer me sushi Zanmai (again! I know!) also we went for karaoke just the 2 of us :) I've been wanting to go karaoke since I was pregnant with Alya, but didnt get the chance..so this time I wanted to sing puas2..

but he ended conquering the mic! haihhh!! no laa..joke joke... (marah die satgi hahaha)

despite being depressed about the age and all, I am still thankful. Thankful that Allah has given me 29 wonderful years. Thankful for the family I grew up in. Thankful for the husband I am blessed with. Thankful for the two children who are now my heart and soul. Thankful for all the rezeki Allah has given me. Thankful for the hardship Allah put me through to make me a better person.

Also thankful for the brain and the beautiful skin.. hey I'm not kidding... everyone is blessed with different things, good hair, great body even though these people eat like there is no tomorrow!, good health and wealth, and for me, great skin :) I didnt really ever had any acne problem. and I dont even really need to have a good beauty routine or buy any expensive facial wash or whatnot, I could go to the store and buy any brand and it will suit me, heck, I can use a cheap body soap bar and still alhamdulillah my skin is OK... and tell you what, I have never done a facial. EVER. 

this is not be bragging about my skin. this is me just giving facts and being grateful for being blessed with good skin.. I have other issues you know, bad-dry-frizzy hair, a yo-yo weight problem, no butt! but whatever. lets celebrate the good we have :)

out with a date with hubs- keeping the makeup to a minimum coz hubs dont like me in those heavy makeup.. i think this was like compact powder, eyeliner, mascara and lip balm only.

but having said that, having good skin or not still you can never be able to fight the law of gravity... or the law of aging.. I may not have obvious wrinkles yet, but hey there are still there..and I do feel like my skin is not as bouncy as before...if you know what I mean.. so I guess, the time has come to at least try put some effort to care about the skin right.. I was not about to go for the night cream, masque, peeling anything like that, just something simple, like a serum..so I got this

La Praise Vitalift Serum

and even though it has only been a while since I used it, I can feel the difference... I would do a before and after shot but I dont think you can really see it coz of the not so obvious skin problem..i think for my case, its more like a feel kind of thing, which is perfectly fine for me :) 

Its water based, and very light, it absorbs pretty quick and you can really feel the difference after using it, like the feeling you get after wearing a mask, but you dont wear masque everyday right?! there's just no time for that! this one is easy peasy, twice a day (i wear it just once tho-i am that lazy!) after washing your face.. and ur done!

Its main ingredients are stem cells from fruits and plants (I'm not big on scientific names, but if you want to know you could drop me an email and i'll tell you) and the serum is suppose to make ur skin more bouncy and tight, helps inactive skin cells to activate again, balance ur skin PH, make ur skin youthful.. all those things that a serum are suppose to do laa senang citer...

and for a price of RM108, I think its affordable.. I mean serum are usually expensive kan (jeling mom punya estee lauder) .. and the most important thing that it works! I think you can read a lot of great testimonials out there about this serum... but if you are anyhow interested with the product you can just drop me an email at escallonia08@yahoo.com or watssap me at 0132221175.. and i'll assist you the best way I can :)

Aisyah Samsudin  

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Mrs Suriz said...

happy belated birthday. May Allah bless you and your family.